This month's activity could change your life! A bit.

How are you and your wonderful mum-body? Getting to grips with my own, I had a private yoga lesson. For an hour, I felt like Madonna.

As I stretched, looking more like two Madonnas fighting in one tracksuit, I imagined having my own personal coach  - a Olympic coach, life coach and psychiatrist all rolled into one, inspiring me to be the best I can be. Along with my own masseur, chef, driver, cleaner...

But there’s just me and my sofa. So for our next task, we’re turning our sofas into dream coaches. Obviously. The big question is: if you had your very own coach, what would you want them to say to you right now?

Join our next #somum twitter party on Wednesday 22 August from 8.30 – 9.30 BST (world times here) to chat and create our Couch Coaches together. Or join in any time via the website. Find out more about this month's party here.

AND If you upload your Couch Coach any time this month, you can actually win your very own real life coach, how about that! The lovely Kirsten Hanlon of Mums and More will give one lucky mum a virtual coaching session (so you can be anywhere in the world…). That’s one whole wonderful hour for you to think about what it is YOU really need instead of worrying about everyone else. You too can feel like Madonna.

What happened last month?

If you haven’t seen all the Love Mum Body activity yet, don’t miss the awe-inspiring brave and beautiful pictures in our gallery, and the incredible guest posts we’ve shared so far. You can also read a storify of our fab body-squidging party.

We’ve seen stretch-marks and bellies, veins and bottoms, nipples, boobs, hands, legs and bumps. Some have been real, and some made from plasticine. All have been amazing, and for some mums, life-changing.

We’ve shared stories from mums who feel they will never love their body and mums who love their bodies more than ever. We’ve tried to love our periods, our grey hairs and our wrinkles. We’ve questioned how mum-bodies are labelled, what before and after really means, and what happens to those mums whose bodies don’t bear a child. We’ve even had a wonderful post from a dad.

There’s been such a positive response that we’re going to keep this theme going, and come back to it again soon. In the meantime, you can still add your own photo to the gallery any time you like. And if you’d like to write a guest post about loving (or striving to love) your mum body, get in touch - we would love to share it.

By the way, my Couch Coach is now telling me ‘You are enough’. I may not be Madonna, and I don't think I'd really want to be, but I am enough. Apparently...

With love,

Pippa and Penny