Mama Manifesto

Write your Mama Manifesto, and share it with us here. Think of it as a reminder of your mama mission - what do you love and believe in? What do you know (even if you're sometimes in denial about it...!) and what do you want to commit to doing?

Put your manifesto somewhere you will see it every day...

Fill in the blanks, or create your own sections!

I love... my family, my friends, my life, my home, the sea, sunshine, dancing, hugging, lie-ins, tea in bed, chocolate, spreading happiness, and ME!

In my heart, I know... that when I am well rested and happy and looking after myself, I am a better mummy, wife and friend

I'm going to... walk to the sea with hubs in the morning, not feel guilty about taking time for myself to yoga, zumba, burlesque and rest, get off my computer an hour before bedtime, read more instead of watching crap TV or going on social media and be more conscious about my choices here.