be the change

Encourage a Mama

Make an Encouragement Card and send courage to another mama who needs a everyday bravery boost today.

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Happy Heart

Collect the moments that make you happy and fold them into a Happy Heart for when your heart needs reminding.

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How do you want to feel?

Make a collage to discover how you most want to feel right now: how do you need to be nurtured to get there?

I Am Enough

Share a self-portrait amongst the things that make you feel inadequate and remind yourself that you are ENOUGH.

I Love You Mum

Tell us why you love your mum and share a photo of you together.

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I'm a Piece

Sew words that matter on to a jigsaw piece to change the world.


Put words that the world needs now into a frame and share them with us: and donate to support Save the Children

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Leafy Love-Notes

Catch a positive thought on a falling leaf, prettify it, and leave it somewhere to be found...

Love Mum-Body

Share a part of your mum-body you'd like to love more: in the flesh or made out of plasticine.

photography, sculpting, writing

Make yourself a magic wand to focus on what you really want and remind you of your own amazing mama power...

Make a Mama Manifesto with Story of Mum

Make a Mama's Manifesto to remind you what you love, know and want to do.

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New Mama Mantra

What message do you wish you could have sent yourself in those early days as a new mama?

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Sneak a treat into another mum's pocket and report back to us, secret agent style.

Send a Supermum Postcard

Make and send a postcard to tell another mum why they're a Supermum to you.

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What do you need more of, mama? Hand sew words that describe what you want and remind yourself to give yourself just that...

Unlikely Meditations for Mamas

Create a meditation to transform a moment of mama drudgery into a moment of bliss... sort of!

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WellMaking Craftivists Garden

Join the inspirational Craftivists in embroidering, knitting or crocheting a flower to explore how getting creative improves our well-being...