A little Bad Mummy gift for you...

Bad Mummy Bingo - I am normal badgeCould you be a winner at Bad Mummy Bingo...? Sadly, I am. Download your free printables here and find out if you're a winner too...

As we create and play Bad Mummy Bingo together this month, we'll be laughing in the face of failure and turning those moments when we feel we're the worst mum in the world into something fun. Not celebrating exactly, but hopefully feeling less ashamed.

Because you're not a bad mummy. You're a normal mother. And we sometimes make mistakes, make bad decisions, and make a fool of ourselves.

Shine On Encouragement Card Teika

How we react to those moments is what defines us, not the moments themselves. 

So let's react to them with a nice game of bingo...  Instead of feeling full of shame, let's win ourselves an "I am Normal" badge for all the bad mummy moments in our day, our week, and our life.

We'd love you to let us know how you're getting on with your bad mummy moments and we'll share our ' big wins' through the month too.

And if you're heading into a high-stress Christmas this month, we've made a very special bingo card just for you. 

What's up next?

Story of Mum: Mums Making an Exhibition of OurselvesWe're about to head over to New York (yes, New York!!) with the Story of Mum exhibition. You can find out more about what we'll be up to with Suzi Banks Baum and more at the Museum of Motherhood here. Please tell your friends!

We'll be launching the pop-up exhibition there on Thursday 5 December with a Story of Mum and Femail Mama Mash-Up workshop and reading and ending with a Family Make Date on Sunday 8 December.

What happened last month?

We had a deeply inspiring Make Date discussing the most courageous moments of our life. Read some of the amazing stories of bravery in the storify here.

You are the best woman for the job - encouragement card by @thisiswissYou can also see some beautiful Encouragement Cards made by mums in the gallery - do add your own any time - us mums always need an extra bit of courage.

We also launched a new series of guest posts: Creative Business-Mamas - if you've ever dreamed of setting up your own organic beauty business, you'll like our first interview.

If you're a mother working in a creative business and you'd like to be featured, just drop us an email - we'd love to share your story.

 Thank you

Thank you for joining us on this creative adventure, for reading these mails, for visiting us and playing when you can. It has been wonderful to meet so many of you face to face on the tour. You, brave mama, give us courage, every day.

On Wednesday 11 December, we'll be playing Bad Mummy Bingo together on twitter from 8.30 - 10pm, we'd love you to join us for some more #somum nonsense, creative exploration and chat. And you can send us your bingo card any time.

Signing off as "two fat ladies: 88", with bad mummy bingo wings and much love

Pippa and Penny