Let's leave some random leaves of kindness...

Can it really be November already?

It's cold but the sun is still shining in Cornwall. Somehow it seems like the Summer has only just come to an end. But there are fallen leaves everywhere and we're well into an Autumn landscape of greens becoming gold.

The beauty of the changing season and a desire to spread a little joy as the sunshine fades have inspired our activity this month...

Leave a Leafy Love-Note with Story of Mum

Will you make a Leafy Love-Note with us in November? 

We made the leaves you see here at our Mamas' Retreat a week ago. And I've been having such fun sneakily leaving them around on my travels ever since...!

Why make a Leafy Love Note?

Leave a Leafy Love-Note with Story of MumOften, I dwell on the negative thoughts I have, and let my more positive thoughts fall away like autumn leaves.

So instead this month, we're catching those helpful thoughts, and decorating a fallen leaf with the words we most need to hear.

And if we're feeling generous, we're leaving those precious words for someone else to find...

(by the way, if you can only hear the unhelpful voice in your head right now, share the complete opposite of what that voice says - because that's probably what you most need to hear).

There are all sorts of ways to decorate your leaf. So use your amazing imagination and go wild, literally. 

Gold and silver pens work beautifully, as do sequins and glitter. (They were also a big hit with the kids!) Even better, you could use entirely biodegradable decorations  - especially good if you're going to drop your leaf somewhere for someone else to find it!

And of course, don't forget to share a photo with us here before you spread your random kindness. Just click on 'Join in' to share a picture of your leaf.

Leave a Leafy Love-Note with Story of MumYou can see lots of examples of other leaves made (and hidden around and about...) by other marvellous mamas in the gallery.

We'll make Leafy Love-Notes together at this month's #somum make Date on twitter on Wednesday 19 November.

We play together from 8.30 - 10pm UK time, and you can find the time wherever you are in the world with this handy time zone checker.

If you're wondering what my love-notes to myself said, I made (and needed!) a lot of them!  They included "You are beautiful", "You are enough" and "Trust you will get there"...  You can find more of them on the website (and around the streets and parks of Cornwall...!)

What happened last month?

Mums shared some brilliant Unlikely Meditations for Mamas on everything from being astronomically busy to facing a seriously pooey nappy...!

Our last Mamas' Retreat of the year! Over on facebook, we had 12 days of meditations - with mums following along and having a go at a new meditation each day.  I know I needed them.

Create an Unexpected Meditation for Mamas with Story of MumHave a peek and see if you too can transform one of your daily chores into an unexpectedly meditative moment.

You might find some inspiration in this storify of our last Make Date.

Together, we imagined the unlikely meditations we really need. We also got thinking about the symbols that represented our lives, ready to mono-print along with the fabulous School of Uganglish.

Last but not least, as a special extra treat, the lovely Rachael (aka @mushroomsmum) shared a guest post about the meditations AND recorded her very own meditation for stressed out mothers.

You can have a read and listen right here.  

What's happening this month?

This month's #somum Make Date is unusually being held on the THIRD Wednesday of the month in November (because I'm away in the thick of a crazy work week on the usual SECOND Wednesday..). We'll be back to normal next month - but we would love to see you and your leafy loveliness on 19 November!

As always, everyone is welcome to join us over on twitter, just use #somum to find us, and add it to your tweets so that we can find you too.  If you've never joined us before, you can find out more about what we get up to over here.

Join a Mamas' Retreat with Story of Mum and Leif OlsenOur last Mamas' Retreat of the year!

We've just opened bookings for our very last Sunday Morning Mamas' Retreat of the year - on 30 November. 

Tickets are normally £25, but especially for YOU, we have a limited number of special early bird tickets available at just £15. You can also join us for a delicious lunch from Kate Binnie for just £4.50. Book here.

You deserve it, mama.

Even if you can't join us for a live reminder of just how beautiful and precious and important you are, listen to the quiet voice that tells you that you are all of those things. Don't let it get blown away on the wind.

With love and leafy notes,

Pippa and Penny

PS You can find out more about our Sunday Morning Mamas' Retreat over here.