Let's have more wishful thinking...

What are your hopes for the coming year? Or are you just hoping to get to the end of this one…?

We tend to say ‘wishful thinking’ when we reject something we think we can’t achieve. But what if our expectations are just too low? What if we’re so busy being mums that we simply don’t consider our own wishes often enough?

Our Mums’ Reward Charts gave us a taste of what we can do if we put our minds to it. Let’s claim back wishful thinking next…

We’re making ‘wishful’ Christmas decorations this month: simple beautiful paper angels or stars you can make in ten minutes..They’re great to make with your kids too if you fancy that. And of course you don’t have to celebrate Christmas to join us in making them.

We’ll be writing our dreams for 2013 on these and hanging them from our trees to remind us of our hopes.  Next year, when the decorations come out again, we’ll be reminded of all we wished for, and we can draw up a new list. Join in!

What happened last month?

November was all about Mums’ Reward Charts. We rewarded ourselves for getting out of bed, getting our kids' names right, avoiding playground gossip, decluttering, and managing not to kill anyone.

The extra time spent playing with my kids as a result of my chart inspired a whole new passion for milk carton crafting (so far, we’ve made a reindeer head, an elf with interchangeable beards, and many many more…).

Spurred on by gold stars, we saw mums’ pursue lifelong dreamsbreathe new life into relationships, and wax our bikini-lines while making jam

We also made Mums’ Reward Charts at our #somum Mums’ Make Date, giving away moustaches and giving ourselves stickers for everything from multitasking, juggling, switching gears, washing, to not freaking out at the question “why…?”

Perhaps most importantly, we discovered that the activities were themselves the reward.

What’s up next?

We’d love you to join us at our next Mums' Make Date on Wednesday 12 December from 8.30pm - 10pm UK time on twitter (find world times here). We’ll try making a decoration together and sharing what we wish for. All are welcome! Just search for #somum on twitter and add that to your tweets to find us.

Take ten minutes to think about what you wish for right now. You deserve to dream.

With love and our very best wishes, 

Pippa and Penny