be with the kids

Decorate your Family Tree

Make and decorate a family tree with leaves that represent the personal qualities of three generations

First Timers

Try something new with your kids and interview them about it.

I have touched...

What have you touched, mama? Make a hand print to illustrate some of the amazing things you do EVERY single day

doodling, drawing, writing
I Wish / Gratitude Angels

Make a simple paper angel and fill it with wishes; or with things that you are grateful for

Identity Parade

Line up, line up, for an unusual identity parade. Make a paper people chain to represent different aspects of your identity. Who are you?

crafting, drawing
Make a Book of Secrets

An easy way to make and collage a little scrapbook for your secrets.

Meet Mother Nature

Go out in nature and share your photograph with us - what was Mother Nature telling you today?

Mums' Mix Tape

Choose 3 tunes to share with your son or daughter and ask them to choose 3 for you.

audio, writing
My Kids Dressed Me

Let your kids dress you...

photography, playing
Rebirth Day

Make a Rebirth Day handprint and join a worldwide art event.

drawing, photography