Just stop for a minute

How are you doing? When did you last stop and take a breather? 

This is your reminder, right now, to do just that. 

self care for stressed tired mums with Story of mum, making me time for mothers

Take a break from the busy-ness of life, from holiday hecticness, from scanning your emails or social media.

Instead, pull up a chair, grab a cuppa, and remember that your needs matter.

You matter. You really do. 

What could you do right now that would meet your needs? How could you look after yourself?

Take a few moments to do it right now.

Over here in Penzance, we're in the middle of half term holidays, and the sun has been out...! On the one hand, that means we have the joys of beach BBQs, woodland adventures, visiting friends and family, our brilliant local outdoor lido reopening, and lots of precious family time...

On the other hand, it means that the house is in complete chaos, there's about twice as much washing as usual (why is that?)...

And I find myself struggling to stay calm in the face of two easily-frustrated over-tired kids who've stayed up late too many nights in a row and can't quite cope with the strain of locating pyjamas or heaven help them, putting on a pair of shoes to leave the house...

In between cramming in as many lovely precious 'holiday' activities as humanly possible, us adults are also attempting to squeeze work into impossibly small spaces of borrowed time. And to do that without falling out too badly with each other about whose work is 'more important'... (always a challenge at the best of times...!)

Story of Mum - sharing mother's real life stories and making stressed mums feel better

This week, I have caught myself forgetting that just being still, just being, is enough.

That it's good for the kids to be bored sometimes.

For visiting friends to make their own discoveries about fun things to do.

For my parents to take the kids all by themselves so that I have some quiet time on my own, to work, and just to sit sometimes.

Because if we don't stop and just enjoy the moments as they happen, and rest in between - all these adventures and 'special' treats can blur into one big hazy mess of 'doing'. And that isn't very special at all.

Writing this email to you, right now, is my quiet time. My reminder of who I am and what really matters to me. 

How are you 'being' today? 

What are we doing this month? 

preserving mothering memories in an alternative baby book for mums: Mama Milestones

As we only managed to get half way through the questions about Mama Milestones at last month's #somum Mamas' Retreat on twitter, we're keeping that as our theme this month!

At least for now...

We'll add in another creative activity from our Five A Day e-course later this month, so keep your eyes peeled for a possible extra bonus activity soon...!

Either way, we'd love you to join us on Wednesday 15 June from 8.30pm to 10pm on twitter (world times here).

Join us to chat, to make (if you want to), to take time out for YOU, and most of all to enjoy connecting to this very special community of mums. 

Check out this storify of our last get-together to give you a flavour of what we talked about last month.

And please note, we've moved the date of #somum from the second Wednesday of the month, 8 June to 15 June (so it doesn't clash with Five A Day)

Of course, if you haven't signed up already, we'd love you to join our Five A Day e-course this month!

Five a day: five minutes of nutritious mama self-care inspiration from Story of Mum every day to stay strong, healthy and full of goodness


This is a brand new mama me-time experience, encouraging you to take five minutes for yourself every day in order to stay happy, healthy and full of goodness.

Starting on Monday, it's our simplest e-course ever. Give yourself five minutes every day for five days, and we'll inspire you to let go of the guilt gremlins and take better care of yourself.

At the end you'll be clearer about what you need to look after you, and what you can do to make a difference in just five minutes.

You can watch a little video I made about it over here - it's got intro music and a title card and everything...!

Join a mamas' retreat with Story of Mum

In the meantime, did you spot that we've also quietly released tickets for our next Cornwall Mamas' Retreat?

This will be the first ever Sunday ALL DAY retreat we've held at Leif's studio (and we'll hopefully get down by the sea too...) on 3 July. It's a perfect time to be in Cornwall. Can you join us

Some new and lovely ideas are brewing around this too...

If you would like to join us on Sunday AND extend your time in Cornwall even further to make a very special mama-nurturing weekend of it, respond to this email... We'll let you know how we could build a very special individual or small group Saturday retreat programme for you too, filled with all sorts of treats and delights...

Join a mamas' retreat with Story of Mum - nurturing tired stressed mothers in Cornwall

What else happened last month? 


We had a life-affirmingly lovely residential retreat at Prussia Cove.

Together with an amazing group of women, we pampered ourselves with delicious goodies from the fantastic Bloom Remedies, massages from Yo Philpott, reflexology from Clare Savage, Kate Binnie's delicious vegetarian food, Leif Olsen's deeply nurturing yoga, Pippa's creative fun and love, and much much more...

You can see some of the photos over here.

AND... we celebrated Story of Mum's fifth birthday with a day of wonderful celebrations! 

Over on facebook and instagram, we gave out Creative Prescriptions and simple card readings (so much fun!), shared our Mama Milestones with each other, and gave away a free Mamas Milestones print-and-make book (psssst if you missed that, it's hidden over here, especially for our lovely newsletter subscribers and e-course attendees...).

Creative prescriptions for mums who feel like bad mothers from Story of Mum


We also hosted lots of 30 minute coaching sessions for mamas on the day (and the day before!), gave away lots of places on Five A Day, and gifted you all a gorgeous colouring-in page that my 5 year old daughter had made for us.

Here it is below, coloured in by me  - you can still download that from Facebook if you fancy having a go - it's surprisingly relaxing to colour in a kids' drawing!

Colouring in pages for mothers, created by children - from Story of Mum

Last but definitely not least - based on your suggestions and votes, we donated funds to UK Action for Refugees, Dogs for Good, Breast Friends, Save the Children, The Dost Centre for Refugees and Migrants, and Elizabeth's Footprint (for Bristol's Childrens' Hospital).  

Which all felt pretty amazing.

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful inspiring community of mamas over these past months and years. And waving a big friendly welcome to all the lovely new mamas who have joined us this month. We're so happy you're here to share some gloss-free parenting moments, to get creative, and to make some time for yourself, with us. See you for Five A Day!

Amongst all the busy-ness, remember to pause. Notice what your body needs. Notice that your needs matter too.

I have two new spaces opening up for one to one sessions over the next month, so if you'd like to find out more, drop me a reply to this email.

Much love, mama milestones, give-aways and peaceful moments to just be,

Pippa and Penny 

PS you can sign up for Five A Day over here. It costs £15, and every penny of that will help us to support more mamas through Story of Mum. Thank you.