Join #FamilyDiscoHour every Saturday!

My daughter is really missing her friends, and fun, and school discos - so she and her brother came up with the idea of starting FAMILY DISCO HOUR, a virtual disco party on a Saturday morning - to celebrate us all being one big family, including all the awesome key workers that are making life possible for us all right now.

It was SO much fun, and it really cheered us all up, so we're doing it every Saturday morning from 10am to 11am, and we'd love you to join us!

UPDATE: Today (30 May) is the last one - we've reached the end of the rainbow, and the kids have compiled their ultimate playlist with all their favourites from the past 7 weeks - you can find that here.

We choose a different rainbow colour to wear every week (we're working our way through the whole rainbow if lockdown lasts that long!). If you want to do that too, check our facebook page to find out what colour we'll be wearing this week.

What are we doing?

We're all having a bit of a dance in our homes (or out the front, entertaining the neighbours, some of ours joined in last week and it was really lovely!) to some cheesy tunes compiled by a 9 year old, a 12 year old, and their friends - knowing that lots of other lovely people, including our friends and family, will be dancing along with us - all over the world.

Pippa and her daughter dance for #familydiscohour

Where's the tunes?

You can find their playlist over here. And let us know if we've missed any of your favourite dancing tunes and we'll add them!

But you can of course use whatever music you like, or even have your own silent disco. 

How long do we dance for?

You can join in for a little bit, or for the whole hour - it all depends on the energy in your dancing feet. Every disco move counts. AND you don't have to be a kid, or even with your 'family' to join in. 

When do we do it?

Every Saturday morning from 10am to 11am, so that friends and family in other parts of the world can join in too (there have been #familydiscohour discos in Singapore, Tasmania and Tenerife so far as well as across the UK!).

What do we wear?

We started off wearing the most rainbowy-coloured clothes as we could find. Then, the kids decided that we could dress ourselves as a new colour in the rainbow every week - we share our colour theme for each Saturday on our facebook page.

But you can of course wear whatever you want - and please send us photos, or tag them on social media with #familydiscohour! 

A family dance in red for #familydiscohour

How do we all connect?

We simply have a bit of a dance in our homes (or out the front, for your neighbour's amusement...) knowing that everyone else is also dancing along with us all around the world! We connect by sharing photos and using #familydiscohour to find each other on social media - or you can of course share your photos privately if you prefer.

Due to the privacy challenges of using online groups, we don't attempt an official live call - but we do try to catch some friends and family via zoom and facetime calls as we go along! So if you can, find a way to connect with your friends as you dance - it's really good fun, and strangely enough, it makes you pull all your best dance moves out of the bag to impress/amuse your children's friends parents... (perhaps that's not a recommendation after all!)

If you don't have anyone to connect with for a dance-along, get in touch and we'll see what we can do to find you some dancing partners!

Can we share this with our friends?

YES PLEASE! The kids would love you to help them spread the word, and we'd love you to share your dancing photos and films using #familydiscohour.

So... here is the  first poster she made, now proudly displayed in our window alongside the rainbow of course - and her invitation below:

"Dance with us every Saturday any time between 10 and 11am! Let's bring some happiness into our lives: it's what we all need right now: FAMILY DISCO HOUR. Join in anytime between 10 and 11 am on a Saturday. Share photos and videos of you having fun using the hashtag #familydiscohour. See you soon!" 


Poster for #familydiscohour

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