It doesn't count

Chatting to some friends this morning, we all realised how much we do every day that we simply do not count.

Somehow, we can get to the end of the day and think, well I didn't achieve anything, I'm not good enough, why didn't I do more?

But when we stop and look, really look, at what we are doing every day, it's huge.

It matters immensely.

We need to count it all.

(also, just found this cute photo from 2 years ago, oh my goodness, how are they growing so fast...??)


It doesn’t count

Another night soothing the baby’s cries
Another day parenting through tired eyes
Another meal, making sure they’re fed
That they drink some water
That they get to bed.

It doesn’t count

Another morning run to school
Another reminder of the rules
Another hand to tie their shoes
Another hug to sooth a bruise, and kiss away unwanted news.
Another request to use the loos.

It doesn’t count

Another massaged homework frown
Another room turned upside down 
Another battle closely fought
Another club, another sport 
Another gift bought.

It doesn’t count

Another sorted washing load
Another hand held to cross the road
Another cracked code.
Another reminder to behave, 
Be kind, be brave. 
Another save.

It doesn’t count

Another day helping plant a seed
Another day listening to them read
Another day letting them have ice cream if they eat something green.
Another day putting aside 
your dream.

It doesn’t count

Another nit check, sick bowl, bum wipe
Another hair brush, loo roll, invite
Another day holding it all together
Of right clothes ready for the weather
Of dull endeavour

It doesn’t count

What absurd abacus is this
That doesn’t count a mother’s kiss
That doesn’t count the everyday,
the ways we love in every way?
That says

It doesn’t count.

What crackpot clock, or number-line
is this that serves to undermine,
our greatest value all the time?
That pushes us until we shatter and likes to mention that we’re fatter
Instead of all the ways in which 
we matter.

Instead of counting when and how and where and why
we count.

Oh how we count.


Pippa Best


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