Identity Parade

Line up, line up, for an unusual identity parade. Make a paper people chain to represent different aspects of your identity. Who are you as well as mum?

Cut out a chain of paper YOUs to match your body shape and decorate them to show the different roles you play.

You can colour your YOUs in or just scribble on a face and add the first words that pop into your head. Of course, feel free to regress into dressing paper dolls with patterned dresses for hours and adding your own ridiculous face if you like...

Check out how we made Identity Parades at our #somum Make Date.


Watch this video I made to see how to make your very own paper people chains - it's another great one to do with the kids.

I loved cutting out 'clothes' from materials in old catalogues (it entertained me to putt my round squat cut-out figure up against a photo of a much taller slender scaled-up model and then cutting my dress out from their thigh...) and giving myself little signs to hold reminiscent of the I'm a Mum and a... photos. As you can see, I also enjoyed taking photos of myself pulling ridiculous faces and sticking these on too.

But you can decorate your identity parade however you like - you don't need to add pictures or clothes, just share some of the people you are.

Here are my kid's attempts. Particularly loving my son's 'elephant man' identity (apparently he comes to him in his dreams...). The other ones are mum, food and servant. Hmmmm....



Tatmummy's identity parade

Being many things, happy when camping, grumpy when not (although that frown could turn upside down if mummy has beer)

Onestopbugshop's identity parade

Oooooo this was so much fun! Mine are Comfy Seat, Tickle Monster, Bug Fiend, Frantic Chef, Secret Singer and Taxi Driver. :0)

Andiepowpow's identity parade

Some of the different roles I play:
Wonder Woman, Cheerer Upper, Lighthouse and Sleep Seeker

Blueberetmum's identity parade

Arty Cleaner Mum (...amongst 1000000 other jobs)

The Reading Residence's identity parade

My Identity Parade - The Reading Residence

Pippa's identity parade

Guardian Angel, Grumpy Cleaner, Cocktail Drinker, Yoga Lover, Hopeful Dreamer, Nervous Driver, People Manager, Creative Spark.

Mummygadgetgeek's identity parade

Haphazard writer...secret crime fighter...generally wonky...child friendly donkey...suited and stern...childhood relearned...rock and metal clubber...nursery rhyme lover...occasionally snappy...exhausted but happy... :)

My life is a whirlwind of balancing being 'me' and being 'mum'...but in the end usually the two complement each other.

And who ever knew there were so many possible verses to 'row, row, row your boat...?!'

_CalendarGirl's identity parade

Yes, I'm a ninja. But keep it on the low; my child doesn't know yet.

Knackered Housewife's identity parade

Homemaker; blogger; friend; coffee addict; list lover; lazy bones; zombie apocalypse believer (it will happen); newbie home educator <3