I love you: Mamas' Everyday Retreat

We're sending you a little extra love today.

In the UK, it’s Valentine's Day tomorrow, which means that talk of love, and a 'perfect' romantic ideal of roses and chocolate romance is everywhere... 

What we spend less time celebrating - and practicing - is how on earth to truly love ourselves.

So at tonight's #somum Mamas' Retreat Party in Mamas' Everyday Retreat, we’re going to talk about the challenges of loving ourselves. And notice some of the many ways in which we are already loveable - just as we are, right now. 

Because you are worthy of your own love and appreciation. Even on the days when it feels like that can't possibly be true.

There are so many things about you that are wonderful and valuable - and probably... wildly under-appreciated.

So let's spend a little time appreciating them together...

Instead of seeing ourselves in terms of the things that are 'wrong' or 'imperfect', let's practice seeing the things that are magnificently adequate - and maybe even beautiful - speaking to ourselves with love and affection.

And… as we chat, you may even find yourself writing a little love letter.

To you.

One you get to open tomorrow - on Valentine's Day - to remind you of how awesome you truly are… regardless of whether some Prince Charming offers you roses and chocolates.

Love letters just like these, written by other mums.

As always, know that you can jump into the chat, or simply watch and read quietly. You're welcome, however you'd like to turn up.

Come join us for some extra loving from 8.30 to 9.30pm UK time in Mamas’ Everyday Retreat.

If you're not a member already, just ask to join and we'll add you.

Sea Soul Blessings

May you love

The sea is a seductive lover. Embraced as a soul-mate or sacred calling, it asks for daily tending, fierce commitment, and the faith that every squall brings a vital lesson. To love is to deepen your understanding of yourself with each turning tide.

May tenderness and tenacity survive the storms. May your passions teach you exquisite truths. May you love yourself as fiercely as you love others.

Find more Sea Soul Blessings on instagramfacebookand at www.seasoulblessings.com.

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