I hear you

What do you need to be heard right now?

In tonight’s #somum mamas’ retreat - our monthly online get together from 8.30pm - 9.30 pm in Mamas’ Everyday Retreat - we’ll be talking about being heard. We would love you to join us.

Today, over at Sea Soul Blessings, I drew the “may you be HEARD” card. It reminded me of how hard it can be to feel we are heard - as humans, and especially as mothers. Not just in the daily challenge of our children failing to listen to us, but also because the many stresses that accompany mothering are often unappreciated by those around us. 

So much of what we do and feel and fear and overcome remains unseen by others: our stories unheard. We find it hard to ask for help, to share our vulnerability - for fear of what others will think. Sometimes we believe that we are the only people that struggle like this - simply because we don’t hear the true stories of others, who feel just the same.

One of the guiding forces behind setting up Story of Mum was a desire to create a space in which those stories of celebration and struggle could be shared safely, honestly, with the knowledge that they would be heard and held, with love.

We listen to each other now, every month, in Mamas’ Everyday Retreat: our facebook group.  Simply reading along with the questions and comments is absolutely fine. And so is sharing if you feel called to - whatever supports you best today.

So tonight we will be thinking about what it means to be heard. Where do we feel that in our lives? And where would we like to? How do we provide that space to be heard for others, and what helps us to find that for ourselves? What do we want to be heard and held right now - without judgment, criticism, advice or interruption?

Because you deserve and need to be heard. It is courageous to ask for help when you need it. And the gift of listening to someone, of being in the pain and the challenge with them, instead of trying to fix it - is one of the most impactful gifts you can give. And receive.

Let’s hear each other tonight. And any other time you want to visit Mamas' Everyday Retreat (because if you miss the party, you can always join the after-party). Let’s allow ourselves to be heard.



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Sea Soul Blessings

May you be HEARD

The sea can push you to endure, to tread water, to fight for survival. 

Yet in the depths of struggle lies the courage to speak out and ask for help. 

In sharing your lessons, and accepting an open hand towards calmer waters, your strength touches all. 

May your brave call be carried on the wind. May you be witnessed.

May you be supported by loving community.

May your trials chart a powerful legacy of hope and resolution. 



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