How My Family’s Support Made Me a Successful Working Mum

Even if you’re a career woman, one of the hardest things that you’ll have to face is leaving your kids to start working again. At least that’s what the people around me were saying. I must say that I didn’t really believe them – not until I was in the same situation. In moments like these, family support, their love and kindness meant the world to me. This is why I want to share my experience and tips with all of you who may be struggling with the important decisions you have to make.

It really isn’t the end of the world

It may seem like your heart is going to break but if you let your loving family help you, things are definitely going to get easier. Trust me on this – they too know how to take care of your kids and love them with their whole heart. They know their habits, likes and dislikes. And they know you. Accept the help when it’s getting offered because this will only strengthen your family bonds and make you closer to each other than ever before. Moreover, you’ll be sure that your kids have someone caring to look up to while you’re at work.

You shouldn’t feel guilty

When the time to get back to work came, the guilt was consuming me. However, this feeling is not something to fight. Accept it, analyze it and bid farewell to it. I’m convinced that I would have had a hard time dealing with guilt if it weren’t for my loved ones. You know, when they rationally present the importance of your job for the whole family to you, it becomes clear that there’s no reason to feel guilty. After all, you’re providing for your kids and this job will help you take care of them properly, buy them toys and essentials, go on family trips and make plenty of unforgettable memories in the future. Your kids need security and you can make them feel secure in more ways than just being with them 24/7.

Find an adequate childcare

One of the main reasons why I wanted to share my experience with you is for my discovery of childcare centers for youngsters. When we looked into and the programs they have, we knew that this is the right choice for us as well. Of course, talk to the teachers, ask questions and share your concerns with them. Their professionalism and love for what they do are bound to relax you and blow away any concerns that you may have. In the end, I’m thrilled to see how happy and energetic my kids are, especially since we get to have time for cuddles and play after a busy day.

Activity against stress

I knew that I had to get more physical activity in order to get more energy, better sleep as well as feel happier and less stressed in general. My looks were the least of my concerns but I wanted to be lively enough to spend time with my whole family without feeling moody or tired. The problem was that I didn’t know how to find the time for a gym or fitness class. This is when my amazing 10-minute morning workout began. I found it at and it works like a charm. Our mornings became really fun since we all get together and do a set of workouts to start our day, as my kids happily cheer.

Remember, it’s perfectly fine to ask for help, especially from your family. They’re there for you and there’s no reason to feel reluctant. Together with some weekly planning and organization as well as expert childcare centers, you can lead a fulfilled life, give your best at your job and for your family, and enjoy every moment of it!