How do you want to feel?

Make a 'what nurtures you?' collage with Story of MumInstead of making a to do list for the year ahead, take some time to think about how you'd like to feel. Join us in making a collage that captures how you most want to feel, and use it to define a positive focus for the year ahead...

When you're out of practice (and most of us mums are...) it's often hard to know what it is that you need and how you really want to feel in the first place. So we'll let our unconscious do the thinking for us!

Ask yourself how you want to feel, grab a couple of magazines and quickly cut out the pictures or words that jump out at you, arranging them into a collage. There doesn't need to be a clear explanation for any of your choices, just go with your gut. And try not to judge what you make - it doesn't have to be beautiful or perfect. Just have a go.

When you’re done, step back. How was it? What do you see? Any surprises? Any themes that jump out? How do you think you want to feel? Give your collage a title that captures that and click on 'join in' to share it.

You could also choose a word of the year inspired by your collage. Is there a quality or feeling that shines through for you from the images you've chosen? Something that you'd like to focus on more in the coming year - adventure, vitality, purpose, rest, joy, space or something else...? 

You could use your collage to identify a specific action that you can take this year - what could you do in 10 minutes every day that help you to feel that way - is there inspiration in some of the activities on your page? Put your collage somewhere where it will remind you to do more of that...!