Grateful Plate

When I'm feeling like I have too much on my plate, and I've lost focus on what really matters - I take a few minutes out to be grateful.

So this activity is about pausing and thinking about those things that you're grateful for right now. Times may be hard, and sometimes it's difficult to remember the positives, but there is always something to be grateful for, however small, however far away.

You can use a paper plate, or doodle a plate, or even draw on a real plate with a sharpie and bake it in the oven for a permanent reminder of all you're grateful for every time you eat a meal. Use words, or drawings, or both!

We'd love you to share your plate with us in the gallery by clicking on 'join in' above (if it still says 'join us', that just means you haven't signed up and got your free book of Mamas' Reward Charts yet, so join us first!).

Join us on Wednesday 13 April for our #somum Mamas' Retreat on twitter where we'll be making Grateful Plates together!


My daughter shares her Grateful Plate...!

Grateful Plate made by my daughter
Grateful Plate made by my son


This activity was designed with mama in mind... to encourage you to take a little bit of creative mama me-time just for you.

But... it's also a lovely thing to do with your family if you'd like to.

Sometimes the only way I can get a bit of creative time for myself is by enlisting my kids alongside me!

So this is what my kids created when we all made Grateful Plates together...!

I loved hearing what they were most grateful for right now.

Especially being grateful for family and nature. Not so sure about the TV!!

You can hear it in my daughter's own words in the little video above.

I'm grateful for both of them.

Yes. All of it. Look at my lovely clean plate.

I needed to feel grateful for ALL of my body today <3