be a good mummy

Award Winning Mums

Make an award for yourself or another mum you admire - statuette, rosette, trophy, medal. We're all Mum of the Year. Let's celebrate all that we do well!

Couch Coach

If you had your own personal coach, what would you want them to say to you? Make your very own coach to sit on your couch.

drawing, photography, writing
Feed your Cookie Mumster

Make a paper fortune cookie and fill it with a gift to yourself.

Feel-Good Fortune Teller

Make a paper fortune-teller to cheer you up when you most need it.

crafting, drawing
Fill your Fridge Magnet

Make a fridge magnet to inspire you every day.

Live in the moment

Write one sentence every day for a week - noticing what made you happy.

Love Letter to Me

Write a love letter to yourself. Yes, you.

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Record a mama milestone you've reached for the first time, large or small, baby-album style.

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Mini Mama Journals

Make a mini one-line daily journal to reconnect to you, and remind you of what really matters every day

Mum Trumps

Be the star of your very own Trump Card scoring your special abilities and arch nemesis...

doodling, drawing
Mum's Reward Chart

Make yourself a Mama's Reward Chart and give yourself lots of gold stars.

drawing, gifting, writing
Take a Compliment

Make yourself a little box to keep all your compliments in, reminding you of the good stuff.

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Yes Vest

Declare YES to life's best in your own doodled Yes Vest!