Give yourself something you reallly want, or a cookie

Instead of another new year's resolution to be better, look better, parent better, in fact do anything better, give yourself a present for all you already do well in 2012.

What could you give yourself that would cost very little money, very little time, and make you feel very very good? It might sound impossible, but there is definitely something. Give yourself an hour, two hours, three hours, and fill it with something just for you. Only you know what it is. And only you can make it happen for yourself.  
To spur you on to actually do it, this month we’re making fortune cookies, and filling them with a wish for ourselves. Something we can open when we need it, any time, any year, and as often as possible. They're easy to make and look beautiful. Join in at Feed your Cookie Mumster.

If you're looking for ideas, here's a post I wrote about a treat I gave myself recently.

If you've made a resolution to do more exercise (or are thinking about it...) you might enjoy my recent post on dreading exercise. This month's cookies are of course calorie-free - subject to whatever you choose to put in them. I will of course be putting both time and cake in mine…

If you're in or around Penzance, we'll have a go at cookie-folding on Monday 9th January and we'd love to see you there. 
Wishing you all that you dream of for 2012 – including an hour or two to pursue your dreams when you most need them.

 Pippa and Penny