Get close to nature with Story of Mum this month

When did you last head off for a walk in the park, the woods, the seaside or hills? With your kids perhaps? How about on your own?

This month's activity is about making time for yourself to get out into the natural world. Simply take a walk and take a photo of what you find - how does the natural environment reflect motherhood to you? 

It could take just a couple of minutes as you pass through a local park, or you could spend a whole day adventuring in the wilds. You could compose the perfect shot or just grab a snap on your mobile. Share a sentence about what you saw, or write a whole story. We don't mind how much you do, we just want you to get some fresh air blowing through your busy head and to share your experience with other mums.

You can read more about it on my blog today and visit the activity page at Meet Mother Nature.  

Of course jump in and join any other activity on the website at any time too. 

We look forward to sharing your walks in May,

Pippa and Penny (lacing our hiking boots as we type)