A first newsletter

Thank you so much for registering as a tester mum for our Story of Mum website - in addition to our Cornish contingent, we now have mums signed up from all over the UK, as well as Croatia, New Zealand, Italy and Turkey, which is fantastic. It's brilliant and inspiring that so many of you have signed up already, and some of you have even had a go at a story-task or two, which is very exciting. If you haven't already, please have a go at sending us something you've created - and of course tell your friends. The more mums, the merrier we will all be!

This is our first ever Story of Mum email, and we're sending it so that we can:

Find out if our brand new newsletter template actually works - so we'd be very grateful if you could you drop us a quick reply if it gets through to you OK?

Ask if any of you are up for making a New Year's resolution for 2011: to spend more time on yourself and your creativity?

If so, do you feel brave enough to join us in trying a new story-task every month in 2011? (I'm going to attempt this despite now being 2 days overdue for my second baby and remembering that it's almost impossible to do anything else for the first 6 weeks, but hell, if I can't do it, how can I ask anyone else to try...?) The website will launch 'proper' on Mothers' Day 2011 (3 April) so we really want to test as many of the ideas as we can before then, as well as taking all your feedback on board. Just let me know in your reply if you'd be up for joining the new years resolution crack story of mum team...

Wish you all the very very best for 2011 - as a mum and a woman and all the other wonderful people you are.

In the meantime, we'd still love to get your feedback on the site - in the forum or by email - what works for you, what doesn't? For those of you who haven't joined in yet, is it something that you mean to do but never get round to as life is just far too busy? Or is it simply something that you just don't fancy doing? (Please tell us, we'd like bad feedback as well as good)

Thank you so much for your time, and sending you all our best wishes for a great 2011.

Pippa and Penny