I Am Enough

I am enough, and so are you.Share a self-portrait with Story of MumWhat makes you feel like you aren't enough?

For me today it's the mess, failing to fit my crazy work and Story of Mum schedules happily around the kids (especially when they won't go to sleep), and eating too much chocolate...

But I am not a failure. I am me, doing my best. I am enough, just as I am. And so are you.

Write "I AM ENOUGH" in big bold letters on a piece of paper or card, and take a self-portrait amongst some of those things that make you feel inadequate. (If you don't want to take a photo, draw yourself!) Tell us what's going on in your picture by sharing a sentence that starts "I am enough even when..."

Most of all, be reminded that you, yes YOU, despite those things that make you feel like a failure, are absolutely enough, right now. 

This month's activity is inspired by the chaos of my life, the inspirational Brene Brown, and the wonderful musical The Good Enough Mums Club (see it this month in London!)


If you want to give your photo a fancy frame like I have here, you can head on over and use PicMonkey. Just click on 'edit a photo' and when the editor opens, choose 'open' from the top menu. When you have selected and uploaded your photo, click on the frame icon and choose your frame!

Gallery quality!

I Am Enough, by Rachael

Too much multi-tasking does not a good mother make. Stop. I am ENOUGH.

I Am Enough, by craftymama087

I may not always feel it but I am enough and I need to stop being so hard on myself.

I Am Enough, by Glitterbug99

Laundry chaos represented by scribbles and actual laundry...

I Am Enough, by Maman

Taken at my desk, somewhere I vary between feeling like I'll never be enough, or am definitely enough!

I Am Enough, by Pippa

I am enough even when I am eating too much salty chocolate while working on my computer late into the night so that I can spend daytime with my kids, and sit surrounded by chaos on a pointlessly hoovered floor that is covered in bits of lego and tea-towels from a Monday night TV dinner, and a mantelpiece that hasn’t been cleaned or cleared in years but instead we all just add more and more random items to it on top of the dust until they fall off like tuppences in an amusement arcade.

I Am Enough, by LouLou Grimes

These days it's impossible to get it right and please everyone. Need to start believing I truly am enough. Most important is that we're happy - the 'little' things can wait!