Does getting creative make you feel better?

Leave a leafy love-note with Story of MumWhat a month of leafy love-notes!  

It was such a pleasure to make leaves together at our #somum Make Date and Mamas' Retreat.

Ever since, we've been secretly placing messages from mamas in cosy spots while out and about on errands, and checking back days later to see if they're still there...!

My kids have got really into it too - they made leaves of their own and loved hiding them in our local park. My son wrote one that said 'be happy and shine'. As a result, I was and I did...

I actually can't stop making them now, I think I'll carry on until there are no fallen leaves left to decorate. Did you have a go?

But the month has also been challenging - maybe it's the change in the seasons, (or the time of the month!), but at the end of last week, as the wind blew a hoolie and leaves skeeted madly across the road, I found myself shifting quickly between elation and weeping all over my computer keys.

Leaf a leafy love-note with Story of MumDo you have days like that?

I normally think that chocolate, cake or wine and a bit of telly will help. And sometimes it does.

But more often than not, sleep (ah yes those elusive days of a lie-in...) seems to be the best cure.

Stepping away from the screens around me (for me, that's sometimes even harder to achieve than a lie-in) is also good. And once I've rested, doing a bit of creating, writing or dancing works a treat. 

After that it's back to juggling work and motherhood and trying to keep all the plates spinning in the lead up to Christmas. Phewee.

What do YOU do (or need) for your well-being?

Luckily for me, and maybe you, we're going to be thinking about what well-being means to us with our lovely friends, the Craftivists this month... find out more below!

What are we doing this month?

Make a flower for the Craftivists Garden #wellMAKING with Story of MumWe'll be making our very own embroidered, knitted or crocheted flower to join their Craftivists Garden representing crafters (and mamas!) across the UK. You can join in over here.

(And if you're not in the UK, you can still share your flower with us as we'd love to see it!)

There's a simple template to download that explains everything, but if that sounds a bit too tricky, come win yourself a Craftivists' Garden kit (and of course your very own Craftivists badge!) by joining our #somum Make Date on 10 December this month - they've given us 5 ace packs to give away.

I can't knit, or crochet, and can barely sew, so I've gone for the embroidered option. I loved the process of sitting and making, sometimes on my own thinking about the Craftivists' questions about what well-being means to me, and sometimes with my kids watching and having a go too. 


Give a gift voucher to a very special Mamas' Retreat with Story of MumWe are very excited to announce that we have a limited number of Mamas' Retreat GIFT VOUCHERS, just in time for Christmas! Let us know if you want us to send this link to anyone on your behalf ;)

They're printable and pretty and everything! We're even giving away a pack of three free printable cards to stick them inside to make them extra special.

For just £20, the vouchers get you an early bird reservation for one of the limited spots on our next Sunday Morning Mamas Retreats in Penzance in January or March. 

Which will naturally include a delicious lunch, restful rejuvenating yoga from Leif Olsen, heart-warming and inspiring creative activities from Pippa, and the chance to meet other lovely mums in a beautiful studio in Penzance, Cornwall.

If I wasn't running it, I would DEFINITELY want to wake up to this in my stocking.

Treat your mama friends to your very own Mamas' Retreat with this DIY Kit from Story of MumAnd - if you can't make it to Cornwall - how about running a little Mamas' Retreat of your own with our DIY Mamas' Retreat Kit? 

Give it to a mama you love, or host your own little retreat in January to start the year with some nurturing inspiration.

How about giving your friends some of the printable retreat invitations from the kit as a really thoughtful and inexpensive Christmas present...?

As a big thank you for being such a wonderful group of inspiring mamas, we're offering our community a special discount code for the DIY Kit:

Just use the code XMASMAMAS when you buy one to get a whopping £15 off.

How was your year?

It's been an amazing year for us, and we are really grateful to you all for your support - Story of Mum wouldn't exist without you and your honest and beautiful stories.

Remember all the amazing things you did this year, and hold them close to your heart, amazing mamaAt our last retreat on Sunday (which was especially lovely because we had lots of new mamas joining us for their first proper time away to themselves since becoming mums: even the cake smiled...)  we made simple hearts to capture some of our memories of our year.

We also gave ourself awards to recognise the incredible things we've achieved this year - not for climbing mountains or running marathons (although if you've done either of those, well done indeed!) but for all the loving nurturing supporting making-mistakes-and-keeping-going that we do every day.

So here's a little reminder to make sure you take a little bit of time this month to reflect on your achievements, the big and the small, before racing through December into 2015.

With love and well-being, and a big fat smiling cake,

Pippa and Penny

Even the cakes smile at Story of Mum's Mamas' Retreats...

Oh yes, even the cakes smile at our Mamas' Retreats. Grab your GIFT VOUCHER with this link; or host your own with our DIY Mamas' Retreat Kit.