Do you love your Mum-Body?

Well, lovely ladies, great news - I have shared a picture of my belly on the website! I know you will all be very excited to hear this... Not. But this is by far the scariest activity I’ve tried on story of mum so far. And one of the most inspiring. It has given me that rare thrill you get when you overcome a fear, temporarily at least!

my wobbly bellyPerhaps more importantly, it has reminded me that while my body will never be ‘magazine-perfect’ it is beautiful because it has held children. 

I’ve also photographed my frowning wrinkles and moulded my lopsided breasts in playdough. All this in the hope that you might see this and feel better. You might even want to join me… 

We're asking you to be brave and share a photo of a part of your body that has changed since becoming a mum or a gran. In the flesh, or in playdough, we don't mind - as long as you do your very best to love it. You can find out more here.

To get in the mood, you can read my post: My Body is... We're also going to be sharing guest posts from fabulous mums talking about their bodies all month - so look out for posts from Lady CurdHis Vegan MamaSonya Cisco, The Mummy AdventureBlue Bear Wood, and hopefully even more... If you're interested in sharing a guest post about how you feel about your mum-body this month, email me back right now!

Did you miss anything unmissable last month?

I joined a mum-bloggers day of protest in support of Syria. And shared a short film I made of my beautiful children sleeping - how lucky I am to have them at my side, and how sad I will be to lose them. It makes me cry, every single time I watch it. My story of motherhood - letting go, letting go, letting go.

pippa joy doodleWe had another ace twidoodle, doodling our very own Museum of Mum in honour of our partnership with the Museum of Motherhood London. The Museum shared some of their amazing stories alongside your moving contributions to Memorable Moment of Mum. Do pop over and have a read if you haven't already - birth, laughter, prejudice, challenges and hope - it's all there. You can still add your own memorable moment any time you like - we would love to read it.

Most recently, we shared a fab guest post from Deborah of Writing Parents on how to stay creative as a parent - read it for encouragement to make time for you and look to your children for inspiration.

We really hope you’ll allow yourself a moment of bravery to love your mum-body too. If you find courage in a crowd, chocolate or beverage in hand, we’ll be having another #somum 'make date' on twitter on Wednesday 25 July, shaping bits of ourselves in playdough, plasticine or clay - a twi-dough-dle if you like... 

With love, as always, for you and your awe-inspiring beauty,
Pippa and Penny

PS thanks to Pippaslongstockings for the beautiful doodle above...