Do Not Disturb: Mummy is...

What would you like to do, undisturbed...?

Come and dream with us this month as we make our very own 'Do Not Disturb: Mummy is..." signs to hang off the door.

Wishful thinking of course, but maybe the big words and pretty pictures will distract the kids for a few moments while we dream behind closed doors...

Join in and make your own any time here, or come and make them with us at our next #somum Make Date on Wednesday 10 July on twitter from 8.30 - 10pm UK time (find the time in other parts of the world here).

fat cat's bottomLoad up your door-hanger before the end of this month and we'll also enter you into a competition to win a very funny limited edition art print from Jason Munro and artfinder (this cat knows how to remain undisturbed...!).

 More rules here. 

(PS You can give yourself another chance at winning a second copy of this print if you visit our Story of Mum: Mums making an exhibition of ourselves virtual tour stop over at More Than a Mum...) 

What happened last month?

We read arguments in our tea-leaves and had a hilarious Make Date guessing what each others' creations actually were - and I sent a gorgeous vintage teacup all the way to America for our winner (I'm yet to hear if it made it there in one piece...).

I braved BritMums Live! as a speaker! You can read more about what I wore and why I am so blooming proud of myself.

Take a look at all the ace I'm a mum and a... photos I took of other mums there. You can even watch a re-run of my presentation about storytelling and why YOUR stories matter (recorded on my sofa instead of in the glamourous surroundings of BritMums Live!, sorry...).

Our virtual Story of Mum: Mums making an exhibition of ourselves tour launched with cake and tweeting paper-people chains from the wonderful Random Rantings of a Tattooed Mummy

Beth of Love Make Create explored strength, humility and laughter, sharing Hannah Kitchen’s My Mum Story film and making a touching short film about her own experiences. Lucas at Abstract Lucas (pictured below), Catherine at For Bella and Willand Eliza at Momma Two wrote beautifully about how they overcame challenges to claim renewed identities.

It's wonderful to see mamas getting creative around the globe. Rachel Reynolds shared the creative process behind her gorgeous Mama Mash-Up and Leoarna at Not Different But Interesting explored all the things she now is as a mother, (as well as creating her first ever picmonkey collage!). 

Little Bits of Waffle drew inspiration from another mums' Mama Mash-Up and shared her love for the sea. I was particularly thrilled to guest post on Kind Over Matter, sharing what I learnt from my own Mama Mash-Up of high-kicking shame-busters. 

Our exhibition tour headed on over to Australia for a moving post from Tat at Mum In Search on following our dreams as mothers - combining words from the giant mums’ poem with images from the exhibition.  

And in the US, Why Parenthood Sucks...Sometimes shared the fears that motherhood has brought her. Back in the UK, Storybramble shared a very moving short film capturing her key motherhood moments.

If you'd like to join in and host your own virtual exhibition stop, we'd love to have you. Find out more here.

Last but not least, our lovely logo designer, Johanna, shared a wonderful secret. And I shared some of the Native American Indian wisdom I found at my first ever Circle Way camp:

"My philosophy on parenting can be summed up in just two words. If you follow these, you won't go wrong:  Listen. Hug. " Manitonquat

If you haven't got time to read all these fantastic posts now, sign up for our 'selected blogs' here for more manageable chunks of joy and inspiration in your in-box.

Hope to see you to create some Do Not Disturb door-hangers very soon. You deserve some undisturbed mama-time. 

Sending you quiet and time to dream big,

Pippa and Penny


PS Did you see all the wonderful publicity last week for Jade Beall's photography project: A Beautiful Body?

If this has inspired you to feel better about your mum-body, we'd love you to share your words and pictures with us at our UK equivalent: Love Mum Body.