be creative in 5 mins

Best Foot Forward

Put your best footwear forward and model us a mixed pair that give us a hint of who you are: show us your prettiest and your most practical...

Gran's Can-Can

Tell us three wonderful things you can do now you're a Gran.

Make a Grateful Plate with Story of Mum - fill your belly with gratitude!

Feel like there's too much on your plate? Take a break, and decorate a plate with all the things you're grateful for instead.

crafting, doodling, drawing
Be reminded of what you need to develop into the awesome brave confident happy mama you want to be with Story of Mum

Tell us what YOU need to grow into the awesome beautiful confident mama you can be, in the style of plant care guidance...

doodling, photography, writing
Hope Boats

Fill a paper boat with your hopes, and send it sailing off...

I'm a Mum and a...

Complete the sentence, and share a portait. Who are you as well as a mum? I'm a mum and a...

photography, writing
If it Weren't for the Kids

Tell us three things you don't do now that you're a mum.

Join our Mums' Poem

Release your inner poet! Add a line to our giant communal poem about being a mum. How would you describe a mum in just 2 or 3 words?

Mama Me-Time Tokens

Make yourself a token that will encourage you to take precious time for YOU.

 Nature Mandalas

Create a mandala from nature and practice mindfulness, creativity and letting go...

crafting, sculpting
Noodle Doodle

What really goes on in a mum's head? Grab a felt tip, a crayon or a biro and get doodling. Show us what's going on in your head right now.

drawing, playing
Ode to Mum-Bodies

A communal ode to our miraculous mum-bodies. Add a line to tell us what you love about your mum-body and why.