You show me yours...

Our ninth Love Mum Body post comes from Chelsea, Ms Mummy of Two: a fantastic example of how sharing your fears with others can have a huge impact. So if you haven't shared your mum-body yet, come join us...

When I was asked by the lovely Pippa from story of mum to share with the world what I love/hate most about my body from being pregnant I knew straight away which part I would choose.

I have to say I was so frightened to post it, but after looking at other mums I realised, (like that saying, 'there's no shame, we're all the same') that in fact I was not the only one, I shouldn't be worried, embarrassed or hide my tummy.

I should love it.

         chelsea's tummy

Yes there it is. That is my stomach after carrying my two beautiful little girls. I have to be honest, before Love Mum-Body, I was always hiding my tummy. I truly hated it, I mean it is not the most beautiful stomach is it? No, but it's my stomach, it's a part of me and I have it for a reason, well two reasons!

I do find myself getting hideously jealous of the mums who still have perfect tums after giving birth. Why do I? We all have different bodies and different pregnancies and I'm sure those mummies have a part of themselves, like me, they aren't too chuffed with! Seeing all the pics come in to story of mum made me realise I am not alone, we all have those parts we like to cover up, they may be different but we sure do have them.

Now I am so much more comfortable with my tum, I didnt think looking at others would have had this much of an effect on me but it did. Don't get me wrong, I am not about to go to town with my midriff out, no, that's just mean! But I do feel more relaxed, I am no longer ashamed of it. It's my stomach, from my two lovely little munchkins. Both of which I would not be without.

So I say we should all take a look at our mummy loveliness in the mirror and instead of hiding away under woolly jumpers, be proud of our yummy mummy bodies. 


About Love Mum-Body

This month on story of mum, we’re sharing photos of how our bodies have changed since we became mums and grandmums. You can photograph your actual body, or you can shape your body in plasticine. We don’t mind how you share it, as long as you do your very best to love it.

If you want to have a go with a gang, you can join a 'make date' in Canada with @hisveganmama or our twitter 'make date' using #somum from 8.30 - 9.30pm BST (world times here) on 25 July 2012.

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