Wish upon a star, or an angel...

Do you wish upon a star? Believe angels can look over you? Or do you just like making decorations? Well, we've something for all of you...


We're making some very simple but beautiful paper decorations for your Christmas tree this month. If you don't celebrate Christmas, you could hang one in your window or from a mantlepiece. Somewhere you can be reminded of your hopes for the coming year.


You need ten squares of paper, folded in half. Draw half an angel shape on the top and cut out your angel shapes. Remove six of these, trimming off the wings of the remaining four.

Now write a wish for the coming year on each of the angel shapes. It might be an action you want to achieve, a positive quality or an affirmation. I wrote a quality on each, and an action that related to that. Like 'Kindness: be kind to all, including myself" and "Bravery: try new things and take risks"...


Now place your ten shapes on top of each other, making sure there are three pieces without wings at the front and one without wings at the back.

Staple them together down the middle, or sew them with a needle and thread, making a simple loop at the top for hanging your angel up. If you haven't time to sew, just punch a staple at the top as a hook and tie your thread to that.


Then simply fold each paper out until it makes the shape of an angel. You're ready to share your wishes with the world!


If you'd rather make a star, it's even more simple. Just cut out your ten folded squares of paper as below, add your wishes, staple down the middle, fold and hang!


Next year, when you get the decorations out again, you can read through your wishes. And remember what it felt like to be you, right now, creating and dreaming for the following year.

This is a lovely simple task to do with your kids too. Amazing conversations happen when you share your wishes for the coming year with your family.

Please share what you make with us by visiting I Wish and adding a photo. You can tell us about your wishes for the coming year or keep them to yourselves.

We'll be making these paper decorations together at our next Mums' Make Date on Wednesday 12 December from 8.30pm - 10pm UK time on twitter (find world times here). All are welcome! Come join us to have a go and share your dreams: search for #somum and add that to your tweets.

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