What's in your hand, mama?

What's in your hand, mama?

This month's creative #somum Make Date was one big high five for mamas everywhere.

It reminded us of the many amazing things we do every day, and most importantly, why they matter. Because they really really do.

We drew round our hands and filled them with some of the things we did as mothers - the funny, the heart-breaking, the boring and the brave.

Read the storify of the Make Date below to see some wonderful pictures of hands, and hear about all the things we do, and touch, and wish we could do better, and touch more every day...

Be reminded of how our hands need to make time for us too.

And make your own picture, we'd love to see it!

Visit all the hands in the I Have Touched gallery so far for some inspiration.

You have touched more than you know, mama. 

With love.