What superbee has handled today

I woke up with hair all over my face which I had to remove and then I pulled back the covers. I gave my children hugs and begrudgingly breastfed mimi (she is now 2 and I can't seem to ween her, she also has reflux).

I got dressed, brushed moos hair and his teeth and then I put his shoes on.

I brushed my teeth

I got dressed (with help, movement is very hard at the moment)

I put make up on

I put my own boots on.

I used my stairlift many times

I held on to Ed as he helped me to the door (I am in a wheelchair most the time and need his help to walk a few steps) and to the car.

I touched CDs and put them in the music player (in the car ) which I also touched

I drove my wheelchair around Sainsbury's and got some food for lunch, I packed a bag with help from the Sainsbury's lady (she was over zealous in her helpfulness but I didn't want to offend by saying I didn't need help)

I took the actigraph from the sleep clinic lady and the sheet explaining how we had to write down Moo's night experiences.

I ate a sandwich
I shared some crisps with moo

I stroked my dogs
I cuddled my cat
I held our turtles

I gave mimi a hug

I used art materials

I used a graphics tablet and pen
I used a keyboard (computer)

I held a camera

I piled kindling and fire lighters and set fire to wood

I used a prong

I held numerous cups for numerous mugs of tea

I ate chips (I don't even like chips)

I ate toast

I ate a vegan biscuit

I used a pen and held some paper

I put on PJs