What Pippa has handled today

I've wrapped cold soft cushions all around me to try and get comfy. I have stroked my boy's hair out of his eyes, and squeezed him while I covered him in kisses and got licked back, and hugged my husband, and typed and typed and typed - on my computer, on my mobile. I've answered the phone. I've drunk coffee and forked in cake. I've made a cheese sandwich. I've checked through business cards and receipts. I've unpacked a veggie box and thrown rubbish away. I've brushed my teeth and enjoyed washing my big pregnant belly bump in the shower. I've felt my baby jump. I've closed windows to keep out the rain. I've tided a toy farm away. I've lifted up my boy and shown him a photo of me at Paddington station with Paddington Bear on my phone to explain why I've been away.