What lgraciano has handled today

Rocked moses basket, pulled on music star, put dummy in baby's mouth, moved my pillows around, checked time on phone: 6:12am, picked baby up, breast fed baby, moved pillows, drank water, changed nappy, put baby back to sleep, turned off alarm, washed face, brushed teeth, quickly got changed, sorted out laundry, picked up a wide awake baby, made a rushed breakfast, turned tv on, breast fed baby, opened a book, burped baby, put baby back down, did hair, checked over passport forms, left baby with family, drove to postoffice, came back, put early lunch in the oven, gave baby lots of cuddles, ate, breast fed baby, read a little more, checked emails, put sleeping baby down, changed bedding, made bed, hoovered, put laundry on, hopped in the shower, chilled in bed, watched Game of Thrones, checked phone messages, breast fed baby, joined www.storyofmum.com