What do you love most about your mum-body?

What do you love most about your mum-body?

To enter our competition on Facebook this week, mums had to tell us the part of their mum-body they loved best. And in return, one of them won a fabulous £100 worth of delicious baby and kids' clothes from our very generous friends at Snuglo. Here are some of my favourite responses as a little reminder of why our mum-bodies are worth loving...


"I love my legs as they continue to carry over-tired, chubby me. Helping me march on (and run when needed)"


"I love my breasts as being able to feed my daughter so she grows big & strong is the best feeling in the world, a mums privilege!"

"I love my breasts for feeding children for 6 1/2 years (not continuously!)"

"I've always been a double A, so I'm enjoying having some womanly curves"


"My squidgey belly of course - especially as my 5yo loves to pull up my top and shout squidgey belly, squidgey belly - but he tells me he loves to cuddle it too ;-)"

"It will be my tummy cos it is like a bouncing pillow for my children."

"My tummy because I carried my children there and I will always remember the experience of my children growing inside of me, feeling them moving, seeing a hand or foot moving through my skin. The most wonderful and amazing experience possible"

"My abdomen. It lovingly shared space, cradled and protected my babies. It stretched and shaped me for both my singleton and twin pregnancy. Then with time, just like me it slowly pulled itself together and although a little older, marked and ruffled became what it was before."

"My stretchmarks, because they remind me of my expanding belly that carried my little girl"

"The part of my body that I love the most is a tiny little line on my tummy....everytime I'm looking in the mirror and I look at myself I feel blessed that I had the chance in my life to became a mum when the odds weren't very high....and because every time my little girl looks at that little line she always tell her sister that "this is where my life started...because i was a star in the sky then i came out from here to became a princess"...."

And the rest

"My arms, because I can comfort with warm cuddles."

"My face, for watching, laughing, smiling, frowning, glaring and raising an eyebrow at my fab children!"

"I love all the parts of my body that hug and get hugged!"

"My feet, because they are the least ravaged by life!"

"Weirdly I love my ears - I have odd ears - one is the same as my Mum and the other is the same as my Dad - makes me a little different but a definate part of both of them :)"

"My eyes, to see my kids doing and learning so many new things"

"I love my smiley face the best as every moment of the day I just look at my little boy and it brings a smile to my face every time."

"It's a hard choice between my eyes and my hands. My eyes because they allow me to see they wonder in the world and the beauty of my growing child. My eyes let the ones I love see me as well as me see them. My hands because I can touch and heal with them, I can hold and caress, soothe and steady. With both my eyes and hands I can give and receive. They are the outlet for my soul, for my love."

If you're feeling inspired to love your own mum-body a little more after that, head on over and add a line to our Ode to Mum-Bodies. You could win some gorgeous organic goodies from Bloom Remedies.

And as a final thank you to our lovely friends at Snuglo, here's a picture of my kids in full Snuglo gear.