What did I touch today?

What did I touch today?

Today I had a mama-son day with my 6 year old. While I quite often have a special day with my 3 year old daughter (while my son’s at school), it’s a long time since my son has had all my attention.

Well, It was magical.

He loved choosing what we would do – and I was pretty much happy to do anything as long as I could have a cuppa and take pictures…

So what did I touch today?

Kettle, mug, teabag, pour…

Oven, croissants, teeth brushed, hair.

Two hands held through the park.

A big swing swung high.

Holding my daughter tight and kissing her goodbye.

Closing the door behind.

Supermarket juice, coffee, last minute bits. My debit card, the number pad. Filling up my bag.

What have your hands touched today, mama? My day with my boyMy boy’s hair shuffled out of his eyes. Bags slung, coats removed, sandals dangled.

Face stroked, rock-pools poked, feet rubbed. 

Coffee drunk.

His hand held tight to balance me barefoot across rough limpeted boulders.

His shoulders held for a rocket launch.

Hands warm and arms stretched taut across cold and slippery seaweed.

Sitting. Taking photos. Picking up stones, admiring them.

The sound of the sea recorded on my phone.

Stones thrown. Carrots crunched. Rubbish collected. Binned.

Hands held to cross the road. And just a little bit longer.

What have your hands touched, mama? My day with my boy

Kettle, mug, teabag, pour.

Salad washed and handed to my boy to chop, by himself.

Fingers secretly crossed.

Sandwiches made. Hands stretched round overfilled crunchy bread. Mouths wiped.

Crumbs dusted, garden table shuffled.

Kettle, mug, teabag, pour.

Dens built. Rebuilt. Built again.

Hands held through the park.

Door knocked, reaching out to collect his little sister…

I don't normally hold my son’s hand as much as I have today.

I don't normally have so much time to join in with all his games.

don't normally spend a whole afternoon as an astronaut-robber-evil gnome-adventurer...

What have you touched today mama? My day with my boy

But I need to make this kind of day my normal. 

Because I need these days as much as he does.

Thank you my beautiful adventurous son for the precious reminder to live in the moment.

And to pause there, instead of rushing off to the next ‘big’ thing that needs doing.

Thank you for the reminder to keep walking barefoot on the rocks.

To balance on seaweed when it feels a bit scary. Because what's the worst that can happen?

Thank you for the reminder to relish the simple pleasures. To listen. And to keep learning.

Most of all, thank you for the reminder to hold my children’s hands as much as I can, for as long as they will let me.

What did I touch today? A brighter way of being in the world. We can touch the sky, any time we want.

What did you touch today mama? My day with my boy

What did you touch today?

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