What Debra has handled today

Pulled my son into our bed and hugged him tight, turned my phone alarm of three times (yes three), tucked my boys in under the duvet as I got out. Turned on the shower and did the whole 'I'll just stay in another minute because it's way too cold to get out' thing, grabbed my towel really quickly and clambered out, swapped the towel for a towel dressing gown and wrapped the bath towel around my head. Unlocked the stair-gate only for my son to come running on the landing so re-locked the stair-gate and switched on his bedroom light so he could play. Unlocked the stair-gate, went through the stair-gate and locked it again, unlocked the kitchen child-gate and fussed the dog, unlocked the back door and let her out, pulled out the ironing board and unlocked it's clasp, flipped up the ironing board in one swift movement like it's my party trick or something (ta-dah). Turned on the tap really slowly to fill up the iron yet still put it on too fast, plugged in the iron and set it on the board. Picked a glass from the cupboard and filled it with tap water at just the right speed, drank the water even though it feels so hard first thing in the morning (is this just me?) Tweezered a biscuit from the top of a packet with my thumb and index finger. Grabbed a pull-up, a nappy bag and some wipes before going back upstairs and (you guessed it) unlocking the stair-gate and locking it back up again. I'm sure you can imagine what these fingers of mine touched next. Washed these fingers once back downstairs, unwrapped towel from my head, sprayed heat defence just about everywhere but my hair and combed through before going back to the ironing-board, ironed required items quickly and unplugged the iron, set it on the windowsill, plugged in hair-dryer and blow-dried hair (poorly), unplugged and plugged in hair-straighteners and placed in a position so as not to burn down the house, more stair-gate unlocking when I went back up to get dressed and brush teeth, loaded up my toothbrush and my little man's too. Straightened hair (unenthusiastically) after unlocking and locking the stair-gate again, spread the hair-dryer and straighteners across the dining table again ensuring the house wouldn't burn down and that my son's curiosity wouldn't get hold of them. Kissed my husband and son before heading off, don't panic it is only 7am by this time and I had my breakfast ( toast and a milky coffee) when I got back at 9.

Other fingerworthy things I have touched today...

a pub lunch, a welcome cup of tea, my sons muddy wellies as he sat on his dad's shoulders and his sleepy little body which still somehow fits just right against me :)