WellMaking Craftivists Garden

Join in the #Wellmaking Craftivists Garden with Story of Mum - image by Tom PriceEmbroider, crochet or knit your own flower to add to the Craftivists Garden - and while you craft, have a good old think about what we need to grow and flourish as individuals and as a society...

We're getting together with our Craftivist friends again to show the world how craft can help improve wellbeing. A theme that's very close to our heart at Story of Mum! 

Click on 'read more' below for all the details - you can even download a handy PDF guide.

And we'd love you to come join us to make flowers together and chat about what wellbeing (and wellmaking) means to us all at our next #somum Make Date on twitter from 8.30 - 10pm GMT on Wednesday 10 December.

The lovely Craftivists are giving us five Well-Making packs complete with Craftivist badges to give away during the #somum #WellMaking party, so you might just get everything you need to make one...! 


You can download the PDF below for the full instructions.

We'll be making our flowers and sharing them in the gallery here (just click on 'join in' above to share a photo of your creation!), as well as uploading them to the Craftivists app (ooh!) to grow in the virtual garden, and then sending them off to be part of the big garden itself!

Here's the official info about the Craftivists Garden #wellMAKING project from our lovely craftivist friends

We want each flower to represent you as a flourishing flower in our garden (which itself represents society...!) and the time you have taken to deeply think about wellbeing for you and others. We've also created an app to collect your pricate answers to our questions for us to then present to the All Party Parlimentary Group on Arts and Health in January 2015, to provide evidence of the power craft has to improve our society. 

There is even a virtual garden map thanks to an app where everyone can upload photos of your work and location (in the UK only, but you can still share your flower with us here if you're not in the UK - we'd love to see it!)

All you need to get involved can be found at www.craftivist-collective.com/wellMAKING.

The project is led by the Craftivisits, in partnership with Falmouth University, Voluntary Arts, and Arts for Health Cornwall and Isles of Sckillly, and is a Connected Communities project supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Pippa's flower for the Craftivists Garden

Fed, loved, heard, safe, hopeful, creating: Well-being