Weathering the Storm

Watery eyes, mouth wide open with little teeth showing, face turning purple. Is she choking, what’s wrong with her, she can’t be crying there’s no sound. She’s upset, but still no sound. You’re thinking it’ll go away…. Maybe it’s not that bad. Then all of a sudden it comes, that loud breathless, ear splitting shriek letting you know that it is most definitely NOT over.

The pitch rises and she is now freaking out! You hug, you cuddle and you wait for the storm to pass. This is one of the many tests of a mom. Only a mom can put up with that many decibels and still be able to smile and reassure rather than run out screaming.

Sometimes you know the melt down is coming and sometimes you don’t but one thing is for sure only a mommy knows how to make it all better and kiss it away!

I love the long intimate cuddle that comes when the clouds clear out and the sun shines through. She nestles her little head on my chest, sticks her finger in her mouth and relaxes completely. I don’t like to see her sad but I really cherish those tender moments and try to hold on as long as I can.