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Take a tour with us around our virtual exhibition that was hosted by mamas worldwide from June - early September in 2013. Here are the stops so far. We also shared regular round-ups at BritMums: round up one, round up two, round up three...

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From June to early September, we're looking for bloggers who are also mothers to become Curator/Creators on our virtual exhibition tour: Story of Mum: mums making an exhibition of ourselves! We're collaborating with the wonderful BritMums to help us to take the message out to other mums that mothers are amazing, creative, complex and crucial.

We might see ourselves as taxi-drivers, teachers and peace-keepers, a legend, lover, or ‘just’ a dogsbody.

But however we describe ourselves, our stories matter. They define us, and those around us. Join us to show mums that we are seen, we are heard, and we are valued.

How do i become a virtual Curator and Creator?

The Curator Bit: Simply choose someone else's submission from our exhibition galleries: it might be an I'm a Mum and a... portrait, Identity Parade, My Mum-Story or Mama Mash-Up that you love, or you could shuffle a short poem into shape from some of the lines that mums have submitted to the Join Our Mums' Poem so far.

The Creator Bit:  Join in... Take your own photo, create your own mama masterpiece or add your own words to one of the activities in the exhibition galleriesAdd your creations to story of mum, and you've got all the elements you need for your very own mini-exhibition. 

The Share It Bit: Write a blog post including these elements, link it here, and tell us about it so we can share it too.

Here's an example of a virtual exhibition tour post, (with some descriptive text you might like to cut and paste for ease). And the full instructions below!

Your mission


  • Contact us to let us know you're up for it, and we'll schedule you in!

CURATE: Choose one or more of the following:

  • Select an I'm a Mum and a... photo that grabs your attention (or even a couple if you can't choose). You can download this direct from the site - contact us if you get stuck.

  • Select some lines you relate to from the Mums' Poem and put these in an order you like to make your own poem (you don't have to use all of them!!)

  • Choose a Mama Mash-Up or Identity Parade that another mum has made.

  • Link to a My Mum Story film that a mum has made about their everyday experience of mothering.
Basically you can choose anything you like from within the Make an Exhibition of Yourself galleries...

CREATE: Do one or more of the following:

Upload your creations to the relevant gallery page at
If you haven't joined us yet, you can do so hereRemember to create a profile so that we can find out more about you.

 WRITE: Write a blog post 

  • What does motherhood and identity mean to you?

  • Tell us about your curated choices and the creations you've added to the exhibition.

  • Add the Exhibition button (find it at the bottom of the post). We'd love you to add the BritMums button too if you're in the UK.


Email us with the link to your blog post and we will share it here and in a regular BritMums roundup. We might even add the whole post here as a guest post too...

Tell us about your post in the comments below so that others can come and visit your virtual exhibition.

The words and photos you add to our galleries will become part of the travelling exhibition.


You can find out more about the travelling exhibition and events programme here - we'd love you to join us at a #somum Make Date to promote your post, and of course, we'd love you to come and see us in 'real life' if you can make it?

In the meantime, we would love to hear your thoughts on becoming a Curator/Creator - let us know below if you're up for hosting a virtual exhibition spot over at your blog - we'd love you to join us!


Here's the exhibition button and html code to use with your post:

story of mum exhibition 

story of mum exhibition



And here's a reminder of the link to the BritMums button: