Virtual retreats

Story of Mum can host an inspiring online retreat for mums in your home by skype

Have you been wishing you could join us in Cornwall for some precious mama me-time, but the journey to our beautiful coastline is a step too far?

Well, lucky you, we've created an online retreat just for you: Nurture at Home.

Join us in your own home, by the magic of online communication, for a very special one-to-one or small group retreat day, hosted lovingly by us, for you.

There will be yoga (if you fancy it...), delicious food (you get to choose all your favourites...), warm and supportive company (if we do say so ourselves) including one to one sessions with Pippa, restful guided meditation, the joy of creative play, and a rare and precious opportunity to hear yourself think 

How does it work?

Blissful anticipation is half the pleasure of a retreat.

In those moments of chaos and overwhelm, you get to pause and remember that it won't be long until you have some very special space to yourself...

So before you start, we’ll send you some tips on how to create that special retreat space for your day. 

Treat yourself to a tailor-made virtual retreat for mothers with Story of Mum

We’ll also send you a simple questionnaire so that we can shape the day around your needs.

Just before the retreat, we'll send you a little care package in the post, to help you get retreat-ready!

On the day of the retreat, you just need to create a space in your house where you can peacefully indulge in seven hours of undisturbed mama me-time.

In return, we’ll shape a rare and rejuvenating day of nurturing, just for you (or for you and a small group of friends).  

(If, like mine, your home isn’t usually a calm space, enlist a tidy friend and borrow their peaceful room, or treat yourself and hire a cosy room somewhere just for you…)

You’ll need access to a computer and an internet connection to skype and view films, space to stretch out for some gentle yoga if you’d like to, a lovely treat-filled lunch, and some simple creative supplies. 

If you want to know more, read on for an outline programme for your individual or small group Mamas' Retreat. Remember, it's tailor-made for you, so we can amend to meet your own needs.

Gentle yoga, creativity and conversation at an online retreat for mothers with Story of Mum

Individual virtual retreat

You’ll start by taking 30 minutes to stretch out and follow a simple yoga video designed to bring you into your body.

At 10am, we’ll begin our time together with a 60 minute one-to-one skype session, exploring what you would like to shift or reconnect to in your life right now.

This is a precious space for you to be heard and to hear yourself – taking time out to reflect and dream big dreams, in a supportive playful Story of Mum style…

Our first skype session together will inspire some simple creative activities that you can do alone, designed to help you explore some of these ideas in a fun and insightful way.  

Then it's time to delight in some creative play…

Grab a blanket, light a scented candle, make yourself your hot drink of choice, and wallow in having some precious time to get creative and think about you.

Choose yourself a special lunch and take some time out to sit and enjoy it.

Mums enjoying a Nurture at Home virtual retreat with Story of Mum

After your first skype session, Pippa will create a simple guided meditation just for you - and at 1.30pm, we will skype again to share this.

This second session will lead into another creative activity to deepen your understanding of your story, and begin to explore how you might make any changes to how you’re nourishing yourself these days.

You’ll have another hour to think and play... before we come back together for a final 60 minute one-to-one session at 3pm. 

Here, we’ll discuss what has come up for you during the day, and draw up a simple plan together that will help you make some simple shifts, taking the nurturing experience of the retreat home into your daily life.

One last creative activity, some breathing, and you’ll head back into the world feeling rejuvenated, inspired and confident again.

be reminded of how amazing you are at an online Mamas' Retreat with Story of Mum

One lovely advantage of a virtual retreat is that we’ll be able to record the audio of our sessions together so that you can keep these, and be reminded of this time together any time you want.

You’ll also have a recording of your guided meditation, and open access to the yoga video so that you can follow either of these again, maybe even starting to bring them into your daily routine.

And it’s not all virtual – because we’ll send you a special little treat in the post after our time together to remind you of just how amazing you are ;)

Give yourself this gift, mama.


Small group virtual retreat

Treat you and your mum friends to a bespoke virtual Mamas' Retreat with Story of Mum

If you’d like a more communal virtual retreat experience, you could choose to share this time with one or two friends. 

For a small group retreat, you’ll need two rooms: a private and a shared space.

You could relax together at home, or hire yourself a beach-side or country venue,  maybe even choosing to extend your retreat overnight…

The small group virtual retreat will also run from 9.30am to 4.30pm.

Each of you will have individual one-to-one sessions by skype throughout the day, and your own bespoke creative activity programmes.

You can choose to do your creative activities together, or alone – whatever suits you best.

Need a break, mum? Try a tailor-made Mamas' Retreat online in your front room with Story of Mum

You’ll have the chance to follow a short yoga session together in the morning (so you’d need enough room for that!).

And to reconnect over a laughter-filled lunch, sharing your experiences so far with each other and benefiting from each other’s mama wisdom.

After your final sessions with us, why not celebrate the end of your retreat with a special afternoon tea together? Maybe even some bubbles…

We’ll send you each audio recordings of your individual sessions and your personal guided meditations, and you can all have access to the yoga session online.

After the retreat, we'll follow up with some individual love and accountability, and send you each a special little something in the post ;)

You can read lots of lovely testimonials from Mamas who have enjoyed our retreats over here and in the PDFs below. Here are just a few:

Use your kitchen table as your base for a bespoke Mamas Retreat with Story of MumNeed some rest, mum? Host a bespoke online Mamas Retreat in your home with Story of MumGet creative at your very own bespoke Mamas Retreat with Story of Mum, hosted virtually.

Invite Story of Mum to host a precious Mamas' Retreat in your own home with Nurture At Home"I truly enjoyed our special time at our virtual retreat, it really allowed me to take stock of things, relax and catch up with lovely friends - supported by some objective and caring advice from the lovely Pippa. She was amazing at making us feel full of worth and relaxed. It felt like a day of me time which will benefit all my family too.


"The virtual Mamas' Retreat was such a fantastic way to spend time with friends, it was perfectly paced with plenty of time to chat and catch-up. There was no pressure and it was a very supportive environment. At the end we all had a real sense of achievement at having created something beautiful and also lots to think about. We have all been inspired since completing the Retreat, we feel energised and reassured that we're doing a good job. I would recommend it to anyone!"


Join a Mamas' Retreat with Story of Mum: a testimonial

"The Mamas’ Retreat gave me the opportunity to be me! It also gave me a rare chance to be creative, and to get in touch with both my mind and my body though gentle yoga. 

 I was able to take a step aside from my normal daily routine and reflect on what I achieve each day as a juggling mum. I left the day feeling stronger and more appreciated. 

 It was a very beautiful and liberating experience and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to any mum.” 


Join a Mamas' Retreat with Story of Mum: a testimonial"The retreat was fabulous the yoga was absolutely transformative and set the right tone for the whole morning. I felt like a new woman and was ready to have fun, be creative, and enjoy myself. 

Getting a chance to sit down, without kids, to talk and learn and be creative was rejuvenating and made me feel excited about my life again."   



Let us host a Mamas' Retreat for you virtually, with Story of Mum's Nurture at Home programme
£195 (including retreat prep and materials to get you retreat-ready, three one-to-one sessions of 60, 30 and 60 minutes, and follow-up love and accountability email)

Group of two:        
£115 per person (including retreat prep and materials to get you retreat-ready, three one-to-one sessions per participant: as sessions of 55, 15 and 40 minutes, and follow-up love and accountability email)

Group of three:     
£95 per person (including retreat prep and materials to get you retreat-ready,  three one-to-one sessions per participant: as sessions of 40, 15 and 25 minutes, and follow-up love and accountability email)

Group of four:
£85 per person (including retreat prep and materials to get you retreat-ready, two one-to-one sessions per participant of 25 minutes each, and follow-up love and accountability email)

NOTE: If these times don't work for you, or you are based outside Europe, we’d still love to support you, just get in touch and we’ll structure a programme that can work with your time-zone too. 

I can't wait, how can i book?

Email Pippa at to book your place, and we'll send you all the details straight away.

We can't wait to bring you all the nurturing and support of our Mamas' Retreats!



Host a retreat for your mum friends with Story of Mum's DIY Mamas' Retreat KitAs an alternative, you could use our DIY Mamas’ Retreat Kit to host your very own four hour Mamas’ Retreat for your mama friends.

For £37, this digital kit has everything you need to be the Mamas’ Retreat hostess with the mostest!

Your kit includes a hostess guide, a selection of fun and insightful creative activities, a listening tutorial, a gentle home yoga video, some gorgeous printables, lots of lovely mama inspiration and more.

And you can use it again and again, whenever you need a mama me-time boost. 

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if you'd much rather come and see us in person, we would love that too - you can find out about all the different Mamas' Retreats we host at

Treat yourself to a tailor-made virtual retreat with Story of Mum

So put yourself first for once, contact us as soon as you can and book your very own retreat!