Under the Cape: Real Supermums

We had another fabulous Make Date on twitter last night, chatting about what it really means to be a supermum, and making Supermum Postcards to send to mums who deserve to know how Super they really are. You can read a storify of our chat below.


You can still enter our fabulous competition care of the wonderful supermum @ellenzelwell (all the way from Dallas). Just upload your very own Supermum Postcard to our gallery before midnight UK time on Sunday 23 September to be entered into the draw to win this gorgeous goody-bag of beauty treats. Read the rules of the competition in our last blog post.

Here are some of my highlights from last night's #somum Make Date:

doodlemum's card1. Receiving this fabulous Supermum doodle from the very talented Doodle Mum @doodlemumwales. I'm a HUGE fan of her drawings and squealed like an over-excited and slightly drunken piglet when this beautiful picture appeared in my twitter feed. It perfectly captures our daily struggle to be the supermum we want to be amidst mayhem and chaos.

2. Making mums I admire cry - or nearly cry. For example, the wonderful Hayley of @downssideup and Zoe from @SayingGoodbyeUK. It's so powerful to see the impact of simply telling someone how you admire and respect them, and why.

We should all do it more often. Which is why making a Supermum Postcard is SUCH a good idea. You don't have to be an artist. It doesn't have to be beautifully drawn or take more than five minutes to make. You just have to write the words and tell another mum that their efforts are seen. That they matter, to you. Speaking of which...

3. The Kat Pearce love-in. Not one, but two, amazing Supermum Postcards made by mums at our Make Date were for the lovely lovely @katpearce! Kat is such a Make Date fan that she'd arranged to be woken up by her husband, while on holiday, to join the party. Thank goodness. Otherwise she would have missed her very own opportunity to weep with joy too...

     hannah's card     nat's card

Thanks so much to all the mums who took part - such great insights and lots of fun! So what do we think really makes a Supermum...? Read on to find out.

And when you're done, make a quick postcard and make another mum's day...