Trying to be proud of my Mum-Body

Our lucky 13th Love Mum Body post comes from a brave and inspiring Catherine at For Bella and Will, on facing our regrets and learning to love what our mum bodies have achieved.

I took this picture of my tummy a few weeks ago, having said I would write a piece for Story of Mum. But, after looking at it properly, I decided there was no way that I would put this up on the internet.

            Catherine's tum 

But, here I am.

We have no full length mirrors in the house, my husband doesn’t get to see my tummy and I wear vests to tuck it in, even on the hottest days – I am completely ashamed.

Since I took this picture I have had such a long think about how I feel about my mummy-tummy and being a mummy and it has all been very emotional. I felt regret about not being as happy with my body before I had had my two kids, I felt regret about not doing all the things I could have done, I felt regret not waiting for a few years after we got married to have our kids. I really was full of regret.

My two amazing kids have given me stretch marks, wrinkly skin and a hernia. It hurts to think of it like that….so….I have tried very hard to not regret, not to think so negatively about this part of my mummy body that I try so hard to ignore.

I have decided to embrace it and to try to love the wrinkly skin that was home to my beautiful babies. I have got my exercise DVD back out and have had the kids exercising alongside me, and after I shower I get the kids to help me rub cream into my tummy. The first time they thought this was hysterical as they squidged my skin but I didn’t really mind, it brought tears to my eyes that they enjoyed massaging my tummy.

However horrible I think my tummy is, I have to be proud of what I have accomplished – what it accomplished.

I love my Mum-Body!


About Love Mum-Body

This month on story of mum, we’re sharing photos of how our bodies have changed since we became mums and grandmums. You can photograph your actual body, or you can shape your body in plasticine. We don’t mind how you share it, as long as you do your very best to love it.

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