The top six words we use to describe a mother

What words do we use as mums to describe what we do...? Mothers worldwide have described mothering for our giant collaborative mums' poem, and it's fascinating to see how some words come up again and again. What are the top six?

For Story of Mum: Mums making an exhibition of ourselves, poet Caroline Davies made wordles of all the words submitted to our collaborative Mums' Poem.

It's a simple and beautiful way to see the words that most come to mind when we describe the role of mum.

The top six words we have all used are:








I spend a lot of time wiping, but I'd never seen it as a definitive way of describing my role as mum before. Yet of course wiping is the kind of low level speed cleaning that occupies a huge part of my day - bottom wiper, nose wiper, face wiper, table wiper, fridge wiper, the list is endless...

And it surprised and delighted me to see that 'maker' is clearly a key part of being a mum - something we believe in very much at story of mum

At each of our exhibition stops, we asked a poet to build their own poem from some of the submissions from mums worldwide to our giant collaborative poem. For our Milton Keynes launch, the lovely Caroline Davies curated her own poem from the words that mums have submitted to our giant collaborative poem so far. You can read Caroline's wonderful poem here. We would love you to add your own words to the giant poem too.

I love how these wordles also create some beautiful little poems in their own right:

"A love holder, protecting time", is the perfect way to describe my desire to treasure every precious moment, knowing that I am letting my children go a little bit more each day.

"Narky songs" definitely sums me up at the end of a long day trying to entertain the children in the bath. And I love the phrase 'stumbling goodies', I need more of these in my life ;)

You can find out more about Caroline at her website Advancing Poetry - her poetry is published by Cinnamon Press.


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