The Things We Do

The Things We Do

Our fifth guest post comes from the ever inspiring Aimee Dolich of Artsyville, sharing some fabulous excerpts from her doodle-book The Things We Do.

This month we're sharing posts by mama-writers as inspiration for our latest creative activity, Book of Mum, (doodling an imaginary book cover for that book you're going to write, one day...).

First of all, a brief description from Aimee about why she wrote The Things We Do:

"We parents have the toughest (and best!) job on earth, and we deserve a little recognition now and then for everything we do to raise our kids.

We would give ourselves that credit, but we are so busy with The Things We Do that we hardly remember what we did five minutes ago, let alone have time to reflect on the importance of our role as a whole.

I wrote this book so I wouldn’t forget how essential our job is and how much we really do!"

Here are just a few on my favourite pages. The book can speak for itself...

Let us know in the comments if you recognise yourself in these words - I know I do!


You can browse Aimee's wonderful prints and purchase a hand-printed copy of The Things We Do (in fact I bought two I love it so much!) in Aimee's etsy shop.

Find Aimee on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

If Aimee has inspired you, we'd love you to come and imagine your very own book with us  - doodle us a book cover for the book you'll write one day. You could win a fabulous prize if you upload it in April - a poem composed especially for you by the lovely Vanessa Matthews.

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