Teddy Bear

What does this object say to you about being a mum, nan or great-gran? Does it spark a memory, an image, a question or something else? Don't think too hard, just share your first impressions.


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With my son Clive's teddy he played with it with talcum powder and threw it up. He wasn't a cuddly bear. I won a handsome bear - I won't give him away, well maybe if I have a great grandson... Betty
Reminds you of babies - it's soft, look at his little face. So vulnerable. Gorgeous. You just want to mother it. Fran
The patch on this teddy's head mostly reminds me of this awful fall I had with my baby daughter a couple of days ago, carrying her safe in her soft sling, only to have her bang her sleeping head off the tarmac as I stumbled forward - I managed to take most of the weight on my knee (so can't walk very well still) but it was a terrifying moment, I was still shaking hours later - she is absolutely fine though. Just wanted to protect her so much. Pippa