Team Honk, Mamas' Retreats, and Story of Mum in the news!

Team Honk, Mamas' Retreats, and Story of Mum in the news!

Thanks to the inspirational Team Honk, and Story of Mum's mama-loving retreat mission, we made it into the local press FOUR times in TWO weeks - that's definitely a record for us!

Story of Mum Team Honk in the Cornishman

It was all in a very good cause, as we launched the Team Honk Relay last weekend, travelling from Lands End to Truro.

From Truro, we passed the baton on to take its long old journey to John O'Groats - you can follow its progress on twitter (a quick search for #teamhonkrelay will find you all the updates you need...) or on the Team Honk facebook page.


I think our home-made sign even made it quite far up the line, which is amazing! I wasn't expecting it to last past Cornwall, if that. Last I saw it, it was wet and bendy with lovely Chelsea Mamma.

The joy of being part of a Cornwall team that raised over £500 for Sport Relief (we met our target!!) is almost enough to help me get over the shame of the exact position I am assuming in full frontal local news above. (Be grateful it's a small photo, I am...!)

First up, we were featured in the West Briton encouraging families to come along (it seemed to work), and online for the Cornishman (with a very nice photo from Pat Kelman, thanks Pat - also featured below).

Then came the offending photo above and the very lovely piece below about our Mamas' Retreats. Join us in a magical location in February, there are just 2 places left, but we would LOVE to see you there! You can find out more here

Story of Mum Mamas' Retreats in the Cornishman

Read the post online here.

Team Honk Cornwall in the news