Take a Compliment

... and put it in a box. Make and doodle a simple paper box - and the next time you get a compliment, instead of shrugging it off, write it down and save it in your box for a down day.

For some inspiration, read the highlights of our Mums' Make Date on twitter where we talked complments and crafted boxes together.


Follow the steps below to make your box out of one sheet of A4 card or paper (as made by me and my nearly two year old...). Or watch the temporary video here (I'll work out how to upload this here soon...)

I'm talking in inches because I don't actually measure anything when I make these - basically make your folds about 2.5cm wide, or the distance from the top of your thumb to your first thumbjoint, whatever works best for you...

The two large rectangles marked out by your folds will form the top and bottom of your box.  

Cut all the short folds that lead in from the wide side of your sheet of paper as per the first image below. Remember not to cut in any further in than your second fold (so that will be about two inches, 5cm, two thumb-joints, whatever you're measuring with...)

Next up, folding... Start working from the shorter end of your sheet of paper, making the very same fold you did at the beginning (only this time, they fold into cut strips, that you can fold in on another as below - bending the two cut flaps at point A in to join up with the single flap at B, also folded in. Tuck the wider flap C up and over these three bits and it should hold the side of your box in place. If you want it to look neater, you can glue or sellotape these bits down to the top of the box.

You can decorate your box any way you like. Doodle on it, paint it, cover it in stickers or collage, whatever makes YOU feel good. You might actually want your picture the other way up - this way it will open up backwards...

Now the important stuff... Think back to the last time you received a compliment. Can you remember it? Did you laugh it off? Write it down on a scrap of paper and add it to your box. Add as a many as you can remember, right now.

If you can't remember receiving any compliments ever, give yourself a compliment - what do you like about yourself? Write it down and add it to your box.

Even if you can remember HUNDREDS of compliments you've received, make sure you also give yourself some compliments from you for your box too.

After you've made your box, be sure to notice any time you get a compliment. And as soon as you get the chance, write it down to add to your box.

When you next feel good about something you did, or said, or felt, add another compliment about that to your box...

If you're feeling low, you'll be able to open up your box and remind yourself  just how brilliant you are. (You probably deserve a gold star too, so take a look at this:  How to be a Gold Star Mama).

We would love you to share a photo of your box with us to inspire other mums to take more compliments for themselves. So once you've made it, and given yourself a compliment or two, take a photo of your box, and click on 'join in' above.

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After you've clicked on 'join in', you can upload your photo by clicking on 'choose file' to locate your photo on your computer, then on upload. Use the text box to share some of the compliments you've received with all of us!

Anonymous's Box of Compliments

You are a gift, spreading joy and yoga compassionately and thoughtfully to mums, women. I am so grateful for you.
You make such an important difference to so many lives.
You are incredibly beautiful.

shayboch's Box of Compliments

My compliments box from the #somum twitter party on Jan 9th

Anonymous's Box of Compliments

You are brave and vibrant, quick to connect with others with your honesty, wit and warmth.
You are so funny! In a clever (but not geeky) way.
Your questions are so valuable.

MirandaA's Box of Compliments

You are the definition of a true friend.
You are loyal, and so inspiringly committed to your family and friends.
You have a gentle sweetness that is refreshing and beautiful.

mumturnedmom's Box of Compliments

Made my box at last!
Now to fill it...

Pippa's Box of Compliments

Some of my compliments:
You look beautiful
You look very nice in your new hat
You did a good job of organising everything
You're so kind
You look really well
You have been an inspiration to me
You've made some great kids
You have such good instincts
You give your all to whatever you commit to

Pippa's Box of Compliments

I like the mini things you are that draw people in - sparkly eyes, warmth.
You are very clever.
You have a wise light within you, kind and good at sharing, it makes me want to be with you more.

Kat A Pillar's Box of Compliments

You are quietly calming just being there.
The boys room is looking great Kat, well done.
Thank you for ringing. It's so nice to hear from you.
You're amazing, very caring, full of love, lush smile, GORGEOUS! x
Oh Kat you are lovely
Ma-mee, my maa-meee