#somum - mamas' retreats on twitter

Join us on twitter on every second Wednesday of the month from 8.30pm - 10pm UK time. (Apart from when we're on holiday!)

Visit the home page to find out when the next #somum twitter mamas' retreat is coming up, and click on the link to find the equivalent time in different timezones.

To join in, just search for #somum on twitter to follow the conversation and find out what we're trying to make this month. Then add #somum to your tweets to join the conversation. You can share photos of what you make as we go (if you want to)

You can see some fab examples of the kind of thing we get up to here. And here's a lovely post that @dear_mummy wrote about why she loves #somum's mamas' retreats on twitter (otherwise known as "Make Dates").

What is a #somum mamas' retreat on twitter?

Think of it as a twitter chat that's more like a free Mamas' Retreat with lovely mums online. It's a chance for mums to get together on twitter and tweet while we attempt to do something creative - like doodlingtaking a photo, writing poetrymaking stuff or even squidging plasticine.

We give ourselves some creative me-time and connect with other lovely mums. We do it every second Wednesday of the month and we would love you to join us. New friends are always very welcome.

You don't have to be a clever crafter, an artist or wordsmith. We're all about having a go regardless of talent or experience. Most of all, it's about getting together and having fun.

If you just want to chat, that's completely fine. If you just want to make something and lurk and never tell us you're there, that's fine too. We're just happy you're making time for you.