The simple things

Lying on the bed in the evening having just breastfed my 10 month old to sleep. My heart swelling as I take in the exquisite perfection of the little sleeping being. Noticing how he is becomming more boy and less baby.

Lying in bed this morning with my 4 year old, taking turns to guess the letters that we trace on each other's backs.

11pm. Partner out. Children sleeping. Lying in bed on my own listening to the sound of the rain on the roof and windows.

Ten delicious minutes alone in the sea.

Cuddling with my girl at bedtime and feeling a closeness again that I've missed so much.

Returning home from a morning run to toast-crumbed faces smiling at me from around the breakfast table.

Sitting in a field watching my partner play with the children and remembering that I love him.