Reminders of my Motherhood journey

Gorgeous Hannah Brooker of Cupcake Mumma shares how becoming a mother at an early age changed her mum-body for our nineteenth Love Mum Body post. 

I had my daughter when I was 18. Of course I was actually pregnant with her at 17 so when my body started changing and in particular stretching, I found it pretty hard to come to terms with.

I ate really badly during my first pregnancy often craving all the carbs on this earth rather than anything remotely healthy! I didn't gain that much weight though which was lucky.

After I had Little Miss though things got tough and I didn't care much about myself. I ate poorly, hardly exercised, and felt disgusting. I think it's sad to be so young and find yourself disgusting.

I then planned my next pregnancy when I was happier with myself. My relationship, my whole situation as a whole, had improved. I was 21 and pregnant with Little Man and very happy. I ate a lot better second time around mainly down to pretty horrific pregnancy ailments!

After he was born I was straight back into my pre-pregnancy jeans. Now a year later I am back to square one. I have cared less about my diet, I don't get enough sleep and I certainly don't get enough exercise! This is all going to change though- and soon, I promise myself that.

For now though I will be and am happy with my body. I know there are things that can be changed and that is just fine. It's so important to love ourselves and I am glad I am not twice my age before I discover that.

So here I am, a few photos of my wobbly bits and stretch marks. All reminders and finer, hidden details, of my Motherhood Journey...

                           legs and feet

I love my feet and my toes. I always complain that my legs are too big but I can see now there is nothing wrong with them! 

                     stretch marks

My children have left me with some pretty bad stretch marks. Some are fading and some I don't think ever will. These are the marks of growing and caring for my babies and no one will make me feel horrible for that. I also have a permanent line from slouching. Even now I make an effort not to slouch it has stayed there!


And we end on a lower shot! I love my curves and always have. I have big hips which run in the family- I don't think those 'love handles' will ever go and that's okay. You can see the classic 'Mummy Tummy' but what do I care? 

This Is Me, Post Baby.

I’ve really enjoyed being a part of the Love Mum Body month. I’ve read so many blogs, seen so many photos and some rather questionable play doh models all in the name of loving ourselves that little bit more.

There will always be someone who is prettier, thinner and more wonderful than I am but are they happy?

Thanks to Love Mum Body I know I am.

Cupcake Mumma


About Love Mum-Body

On story of mum, we’re sharing photos of how our bodies have changed since we became mums and grandmums. You can photograph your actual body, or you can shape your body in plasticine. We don’t mind how you share it, as long as you do your very best to love it.

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