Rebirth Day

Join others worldwide to become part of Michelangelo Pistoletto's global artwork.

Fingerpaint your child's palm with a simple symbol and use that to make a print.

Upload your photos of their palm and the print here and be part of this unique global action for positive change. You might even get into the Louvre...

Click on the image of each hand below to see the print that was made from that palm.


Fancy being part of a worldwide artistic event on Friday 21/12/12 spearheaded by artist Michelangelo Pistoletto

We do. We think it's all a bit bonkers, and yet it also makes a lot of sense. So even though it's only a day away, we want to get involved. And we hope you do too.

So... we've come up with our very own bonus mums' activity inspired by Michelangelo's idea of 'The Third Paradise' : a world where we all take responsibility for our actions so far (towards the environment, society, each other), and make it right. Which fits deliciously appropropriately with our theme this month: wishing for a better future

Michelangelo is staging a day of action around the world on the 21st: Rebirth Day. Instead of concentrating our fears on Mayan beliefs that the world will end that day, he says:

Join the project online, with us!

So here's the plan. You need a child, some paint and a finger - and about five minutes. If your child is no longer with you or is far away, please use your own hand - we would still love you to be involved.

The symbol above represents Michelangelo's idea of The Third Paradise. It will be used in all of the art created on the 21st and the weeks following, bringing everyone's contribution together as a global artwork.

So naturally we're going to fingerpaint that very symbol on to our childrens' palms, and use their hands to capture a print of that sweet hopeful moment together. Of course. What else would we be doing...?!

Although the shape is different, the simple movement of drawing with my finger on my children's palms reminds me of playing as I sing 'round and round the garden', that delicious anticipation leading up to a tickle and a burst of musical giggles. 

It reminds me of fortune telling and the hopes and wishes I have for my child's future. 

It's messy. It's hard to make the shape visible on a tiny palm. But it doesn't really matter what it looks like. It's the action that has meaning.

Because in this small action, we're making a connection between one generation and another. We know our children, nurtured by us mothers, will be affected by the choices we make about how we all live together on this earth. Yet our children also represent hope, a new opportunity, rebirth (see what we're doing here...?).

Together we can make a difference. As we mother, we help our children to understand how we can change the world for the better. We show them that we can make good our mistakes. By being kind, brave, taking responsibility and facing difficult challenges, together.

By taking part in this simple five minute activity, we connect not just with our children and our creativity in that moment, but with a worldwide community who also want to make a difference. 

If you'd like to get deeper into Michelangelo's artistic vision, here's his thoughts about the symbol itself:

Well we know all about wombs.

And we are creative.

And we know that as mums, we make a difference.

So let's give it a go and join in.

No matter what age your child is, paint their palms. Let's add some mum-voices to this global day of action. And some beautiful childrens' hope.

Practical stuff:

Click on the 'join in' link above. If it still says 'join us', you just to need to quickly sign up to join us at story of mum first.

Upload your photo of a hand first and your print second. For each image, click on 'choose file' and search for the image on your computer, then click upload.

If you want to add any words in the text box, feel free, but you don't have to.

Wishing for a better world together. And if you fancy some more wishing, visit I Wish.

Andiepowpow's contribution to a global artwork

My Nine year old son. He chose the colours :)

mumturnedmom's contribution to a global artwork
mumturnedmom's contribution to a global artwork

My 6yo's hand, colour chosen by the 3yo...

ArtistMummy's contribution to a global artwork

PVA, glitter, sequins and my handprint.

Suzi Banks Baum's contribution to a global artwork
Suzi Banks Baum's contribution to a global artwork

We just did this. Printed them on to the Tibetan prayer flags that bear the names of all who died in Newton one week ago today. I vow to live this ReBirth with every breath. My flags will fly on 12th night after I write on them all the days until then. They are a sort of Laundry Line, yes? Thank you Pippa. xoxoox S

Penny's contribution to a global artwork
Penny's contribution to a global artwork

No' little’s or bigs' around so used my own hand and felt the power of two generations!

SAHMBlogger's contribution to a global artwork

Baby Zachary showing the Third Paradise Symbol