Rachael's Unlikely Meditation for Mamas

Rachael's Unlikely Meditation for Mamas

From the other side of the room
Another child screams
It seems to reflect off all four walls
And eat away at me

And the room smells like feet

And ketchup and the sticky sweetness of
Fruit shoots
And endless cups of tea

Is this you, Mama? Enduring the sounds of soft play? Take a moment. Breathe.

Have a cup of your tea... Or coffee if that's your thing
Or fruit shoot... Honestly, no judgement here
But let's try to re-frame what we can hear
Our children screaming with uncensored joy
As they play with this room-sized toy
Making new friends that may only last the allotted duration
And knowing that's ok by them; they have no expectation
These moments will pass and we may even miss them... Sort of
So add any of our own take homes - all the ones I haven't thought of
As they smile and wave while we watch from our coffee-fuelled thrones
And if we're lucky we might even get to meditate while they nap on the way home!